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No one can afford an ad on Google homepage except Google


Has Google really crossed the line by putting an animated ad of Nexus on Google homepage. Mashable  top blog on Social media and internet has reported this development  with an angle of Marissa Meyer living Google. Marissa Meyer has joined Yahoo as CEO.

Basic question is has Google has crossed the limit by putting an animated promotion of Nexus (Nexus is a Google product) on the homepage of Google. This promotion is not available outside United States.

We don’t think that Google has crossed the line. The main reason behind our logic is even the most cash rich company in world which is Apple can afford to put an animated ad on Google homepage. Google will put ab ad or not that is a completely different league of reason. Our logic is no one can afford it except Google. Google is promoting itself on its Homepage since last many years by putting Google Doodle.

Recently Google has endorsed Olympic each  day with new Google Doodle. Google Doodle is one of the most brilliant and unique branding concept ever executed.

If Google is trying to promote a product on their homepage which is indeed extremely important for the future of Google we don’t think that they have crossed the line. They must have tried all the equation and logic before putting this animated promotion on Google home page.

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