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Agneepath teaches how to remake a cult movie successfully

Recently released Agneepath a remake of the cult classic with the same name Agneepath from the banner of Dharma production became a huge hit and it may ignite a trend of remakes in Indian film industry. The Agneepath of 1991 in which Amitabh Bacchan acted was a colossal flop but the performance won him a national award. It became a cult movie as time passed and few dialogues of legendary actor became a phenomena in memory of Indian  viewers. Agneepath in 1991 was also made under the same banner and it was a huge task which the remake director has achieved by making the remake successful. We thought and tried to look in to the mind of the director Karan Malhotra that what he did differently that allowed him to come up with such a high performance movie.

  • Basic plot is same but director allowed the movie to evolve completely on its own. Even though it is a remake, it is very tough to find any traces of earlier Agneepath.
  • Director has not tried to make a better Agneepath  than the earlier one. He has not tried to compete himself with Mukul.s. Anand and didn’t allow his actors to do that. This lack of competition gave Karan Melhotra a complete freedom to create his own Agneepath. There was no egoistic attachment of doing better than last one and lack of competition removed pressure which allowed creativity to surface.
  • Rishi kapoor’s character is a new brand attachment to the story which is shockingly good and awesome. There is no doubt that this performance has completed him as an actor.
  • The character of Kancha played by Sanjay Dutt is also completely different from the one played by Danny.
  • Overall it is a movie in which every character is very strong and towering and lead actor Hrithik roshan has to evolve among these characters.

We have to accept that Agneepath movie is an innovative approach towards making cinema in India. Many of us who have seen the earlier version may not like it but this one made in 2012 has certainly made its mark as a successfull remake of a cult classic.

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