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Amul Moppet: Utterly Buttery Delicious Amul Girl


Do you know how Amul Moppet Girl synonymous  

as Utterly Butterly Amul  Girl in India was born?

Amul Moppet campaign first appeared in 1967 and since then the ad campaign is running till toady. In 2010 Amul Moppet ad campaign became the world’s longest running ad campaign.

In 1966 the account of Amul was given to an Ad agency ASP (Advertising and Sales Promotion) headed by Sylvester da Cunha. The team members which include Eustace Fernandes (art director), Usha Katrak and Marie Pinto and Sylvester da Cunha worked on the Amul account and started a historic event in the advertising world of India. 

Amul Moppet Girl has become far more than only an ad for Indian society. Now Amul Moppet Girl forty four year old connecting with three generation is the most valued brand ambassador of Amul. Only few brands in Indian have been able to reach an iconic state where they have been able to connect them-self with the normal and social life of an Indian on Daily basis. 

One aspect which has kept Amul Girl relevant in forty four years is the way Amul Girl ads have been associated with the latest trends and issues of society. This innovative way of doing advertisement allowed a theme to continue for 44 years and still going strong. 

As per  story available on the website of Amul, Amul Moppet Girl was created in a counter campaign of Polson butter girl. Polson girl was a belle but the art director Eustace Fernandez and Sylvester daCunha agency director thought of creating a character of girl able to win the heart of housewife and they hit the right chord.

If you will observe the Amul butter ads with the Amul Moppet Girl are almost same as it used to be four decades back . It is amazing feat of achievement for a brand, character and agency that they have been able to bring Amul Moppet Girl so ahead.

Amul Moppet Girl is synonymous with Amul Butter and has became the strongest brand ambassador of Amul. The feat which Amul has achieved in India, Google is another brand who has achieved same level of cult status of Branding through Google Doodle. You can’t plan a campaign like Amul Moppet and Google Doodle they just happen. It happens rarely and to make it happen a company has to take a path traveled by less.

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