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Chanting Lighter used in an Anti Smoking Campaign made by Oglivy

An anti smoking campaign ad  has fused brilliant consumer behavior pattern and culture by using a particular mantra which is chanted when some one dies in India to communicate the message. The ad is made by Oglivy.


This ad reflects following points

*Consumer behavior-Good understanding of consumer behavior which is prevalent in India. In India there is a format of retail shops known as Paanwalas and it is present in urban and rural areas everywhere. These shops are the major channels for the consumption of cigarette and they sell one or two cigarettes instead of the whole packet because this is the way consumers consumes. These shops also keep a point for Lighter to burn the cigarettes.

*A particular part of Indian Culture, a mantra which is chanted when some one dies in India. This mantra is for Hindu community only which constitutes more than eighty percent of Indian population. The important part is the relationship of this chanting to death. This chanting belongs to Hinduism but the mind-share of this chanting is 100%.

* The innovative and intelligent aspect of this ad is comprehension and connection of prevalent consumer behavior and a particular part of Indian culture.

*Innovation of chanting lighter is the point where the message is communicated very strongly. Any Indian will get the message very clearly through this ad. Any one who has seen this ad and a consumer of  cigarette will certainly remember the message while lighting the cigarette.

Message communicated perfectly and very strongly.



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