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Google offers tribute to Clara Schumann through Google Doodle

Google has paid tribute to German  musician and composer Clara SchumannShe was born on 13 September 1819 in Leipzig. Clara Schumann  is most distinguished Pianist of Romanticism era. Her career span was a long one of 61 years . She was married to Music compser Robert Schumann.

As a pianist She perform from memory, making that the standard for concerting.  Clara father trained her to play by ear and to memorize and she started giving public performances from memory as early as age thirteen which is an exceptional ability as per her reviewers.

She was struck by Tragedy as her husband and four of her children predeceased her. Her Husband died in a mental asylum as one of her son also. Inspite of all these tragedies she never accepted any charity and was the bread winner for her family.

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