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How London Olympic 2012 will start today?

London Olympics 2012, the greatest event of planet earth will start from tomorrow. London Olympic committee has devised a unique event to kick start the game.  ”Mark the start of the Games by ringing All The Bells” is the event which will mark the start of the greatest event of earth.

Today at 8:12 AM (London timings)  bells in Britain will start ringing and will continue to ring till 8:15 AM. Whole Britain has been invited to participate in this event. People can use from church bell to bicycle bell and can  be a part of this event.

One of the most famous bell in world which is Big Ben will chime for forty times in three times. Last time BIG BEN rung outside his regular schedule was on 15 Feb 1952.

Ruth Mackenzie, Director of London 2012 Festival and the Cultural Olympiad has said:

‘All the Bells is London 2012 Festival’s biggest community project, and we are incredibly excited that it allows everyone in the UK the chance to be part of history in the making as we aim to set a world record for the largest number of bells to be rung simultaneously.

The greatest event of earth London Olympics 2012 will start today  by ringing bell.

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