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Mahindra Scorpio is ten year old: Decade of Domination

Scorpio the flagship car of Mahindra is ten year old and Mahindra is celebrating the birthday of Scorpio with a concept “Decade of Domination”  . Scorpio was a revolutionary SUV for Indian market which was designed by an Indian Company.

The success of Scorpio crossed Indian border and it is sold globally. Scorpio was revolutionary in many aspects. The product came from the basket of a company which didn’t have the technical capabilities to build a SUV. It didn’t stop Mahindra to realize their dream.

Scorpio was game changer for Mahindra. Mahindra broke the concept which says that an automaker should develop the car from scratch to final product on their own. Instead of going traditional way, Mahindra innovated new way.

All major systems of scorpio from design, engineering, test validation and material selection  were carried by suppliers with inputs from Mahindra on design, performance specification and costing. In five years Scorpio was reality. Scorpio was a revolution for Indian automobile industry and since then Mahindra have not seen back in delivering and raising the standards with new concepts.

Twitter user’s have wished Scorpio, Mahindra and Mahindra for the amazing success.

digital and Print Ads of Scorpio.


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