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Salman Khan brand ambassador of Yatra.com



Yatra.com has a new brand ambassador non other than Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. Earlier the brand ambassador was comedian Boman Irani. Salman Khan’s association with Yatra.com is not only as a brand ambassador but also as an investor. As per a report on The Economic Times Salman Khan will pick 5% stake in the company and his NGO Being Human will also receive donations from Yatra.com.

The brand power of Salman Khan has reached new heights in last five years with all of his films becoming super-hit and breaking all earlier records of Box Office. The major part of Salman Khan’s brand power is his acceptance through out India among masses and out of India also.

An ad campaign has been launched “Har Yatra se pehle Yatra.com”. The digital campaign has been launched and it has been made in alignment with screen image of Salman Khan as a super hero. The basic theme has been taken from the flagship dialogue of Salman from his super-hit movie Wanted  “Ki jab woh ek baar commitment kar dete hain, to phir wo apne aap ki bhi nahi sunte.” 

yatra.com is detremined to use every bit of brand power of Salman khan as his picture has been placed besides the logo of yatra.com.



No doubt that Salman Khan who has entered in to this new association as a role of investor also will certainly play his role far greater than just being only a brand ambassador and it will certainly add an extraordinary value to yatra.com as a brand. yatra.com is one of the top leading online travel company of India. Yatra.com was launched in August 2006 and since then Yatra has shown impressive growth by currently averaging a revenue of $60 million a month with a volume of over 10,000 tickets and 600 rooms a day. The company achieved a gross turnover of approximately US$500 million for FY 2011.

yatra.com has a very impressive list of investors.

Reliance Venture Asset Management Ltd

TV18 Group

Norwest Venture Partners

Intel Capital

Association with Salman Khan certainly points towards the ambitious targets and the strategy yatra.com must have laid to achieve it. It is possible that we will see that competitors of yatra.com may also enter in such association in near future.

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