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List of Top brands in India 2011 tells us a lot about India but what?


Recently I was going through list of Top 100 brands in India 2011 and also of US, UK, China. While going through all the list simultaneously I found it very interesting because it was telling too many things about economy, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation in India.


*Around 66% of top 100 Indian brand belong to FMCG products.

* Not a single software and engineering company has been able to make in the list. Even the MNCs.

* More than eighty percent of the company in FMCG brands (which covers 66% ) and consumer electronics brands belongs to MNC.

*Telecom sectors brand is dominated by Indian companies except the mighty Vodafone.

* Automible sector also dominated by two wheeler Indian brands.

*SBI is able to make a place for herself as a bank in financial category. ICICI bank has been able to make an entry in to the world as a top brand but not in India and that is irony. Indian banks has to really introspect about the customer service they give and even SBI is able to make in to top hundred is not because of extraordinary service but because of the vast network it holds across India.

* Transport and Delivery, Chemistry, Financial Institutions and Retail has to cover a long path  before they will be able to make them self a part of Top Indian brand list.


* 30% present of the top 100 belongs to Technology like Software, Internet and Engineering.

* 8% financial institution is in top hundred.

* US media is the most powerful and has a impact through out world still only five brand have been able to make in to top hundred.

*FMCG has less than 25%spot in top hundred.

*The top hundred brands in USA are well diversified like Transport, Chemistry, Clothing, Delivery etc. In India FMCG captures 66% while in USA only 19%.


*US dominates  technology domain and top 20 place.

*Financial services is dominated by USA.

* It is the financial institutions and services that  predominant on other class covering more than 25%.

* Brands from US dominates the top brand from world.

*China also leads through banking and Internet.

*11% belongs to telecommunication.

What we can say about India.

Economy- The reach of technology like Internet is not available to masses in comparison of the population of India. India is considered as a superpower in software sector but it is more concentrated in outsourcing arena or B2B sector. One of the most surprising point is why FMCG sector is leading with complete dominance of the top 100 brand category.  It is clearly visible that Indian companies are not able to achieve those level orientation towards customer satisfaction that is required to make a brand. If Indian economy has to flourish then there is one sector which can give the momentum to Indian economy and that is technology. India clearly needs to develop home grown brand of technology in electronics, Computing etc.

Innovation- We clearly lack innovation in technology arena which can constitute Internet, Software and engineering. India is not able to impact this arena and literally there is no effort also. India is one of the main supplier for human resource to US technology sector but why these people are not able to make an innovation in India?. India as a market still not ready for the technology products which actually creates the dynamics for innovation. Recently the Tablet market in India is filled by launch of Cheap Tablets. Every one wants to have a their meager share of PIE from market but no one is really ready to do innovation and Launch a quality product. It also indicates the orientation of education at the top level. Educational institution play a great role in the development of technology and innovation in economy and Indian Educational Institutes still has to play this role.

Entrepreneurship- The spirit of entrepreneurship is Gearing up for the sprint but It needs the support which is required to move ahead aggressively and efficiently. There is one aspect which Indian Government should do is to create a support hub so that homegrown technology company in India should be able to come-up. The kind of support Indian government has shown for telecommunication sector is paying now and seven Telecommunication brands are in the list and six are indigenous. India needs a paradigm shift  in the concept of entrepreneurship from grass root level of society to highest brass  in politics. There are very serious attempt like Notion Ink and Redbus but Indian economy requires it in the tens of thousand.

There is one company which we can say is constantly challenging the might of US soft-drinks is Parle agro. COCACOLA and Pepsi completely dominate soft drink sector however Parle agro has managed to compete and grow successfully. One of the brand from Parle agro which is iconic Frooti is able to maintain a spot in top 100 this and has dented the market with products like Appy and Appy Fizz.

We hope that in the coming years the percentage of FMCG products will go drastically down and expect that technology, Financial institution and sectors like Transport and delivery should also make a place for them-self.

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