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XOLO 900 digital ad released: with a tagline “BLINK AND IT’S DONE”

XOLO 900 is the first Smartphone made by an Indian mobile manufacturer Lava International Ltd. In market we have seen other Smartphone devices manufactured by Indian player but no one has dared to swim in the water Lava International Ltd is doing. XOLO 900 has a price tag of Rs 22,000 but Price has fallen down to Rs 17,990. When XOLO 900 was launched I went through the dedicated website of XOLO 900 and I felt the tinge that Lava International Ltd could have done the website of XOLO 900 in a far better way. Then the digital ad of XOLO 900 is released and felt the same tinge. I appreciate the stand Lava International Ltd has shown in introducing XOLO 900 in the market which is dominated by the  world biggest companies like Apple, Google and Samsung.



[youtube width="500" height="300"]esRkdR6xAaU[/youtube]


After going through the ad, I found that XOLO 900 is trying to compete in the same arena which has already been won by the best like Apple and Samsung. It is a fact which advertiser should accept that the time you are competing in smartphone market on the basis of speed you have lost the race. XOLO 900 ad has not used the universal brand “intel inside” to create the connection and generate the curiosity among customer’s.

XOLO 900 launch didn’t make the headlines in the media because of Lava International Ltd but because of first smartphone with Intel chip. It is a big platform on which XOLO 900 could have created the connection which was required but they choose to travel the path which every one traveled. Apple, Samsung and Google smartphone’s are far more evolved platform in terms of hardware and software than any new entrant. Please don’t try to sell your phone on the basis of Speed which XOLO 900 is trying to do “BLINK AND IT’S DONE” . They could have done far better than they are doing with their branding strategy in the present scenario.

XOLO 900 is a fresh approach in many terms but can we see same freshness in the branding strategy I think no and it is clearly visible in the ads and website. LAVA International ltd could have done far better in terms of presenting XOLO 900 in market.

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