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Times Of India delivers BRU Gold aroma to reader


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Times of India again brought brillinat innovation in their an ad campaign by bringing the aroma of BRU gold directly to the readers. On Feb 19, BRU Gold half page advertisement on first page certainly called for my interest. It was the nature of advertisement which caught my attention as it was advertisement with three articles placed inside it as a part of the advertisement.

Advertisement in form of articles is in reality somewhere playing with the mindset of the readers who has a lifelong habit of considering article as source of authenticity. A sign of ADVT was particularly placed on the right hand side of the half page ad and it shows the chances of reader being vulnerable.

A brilliant concept marred by giving too much authenticity to the product from politician to a sports person. In reality all these three must have distracted people from the core of the ad which was the fragrance of BRU Gold in paper.

This brilliant ad lacks the simplicity which is required to deliver the message. The message of the ad is “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE REAL COFFEE” then let readers smell why to distract with the articles and photographs which is completely a mismatch for the Advertisement. Readers have nose and they can smell. Hope to see again some real brilliance from TOI again in their advertising as they have brought in this ad minus the articles and mismatched photographs.

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