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What You think about Delhi Police Ad Campaign?

Delhi Police Ad Campaigns

Delhi Police got caught in an awkward position while trying to raise funds for their youth training program. In a bid to make advertisement drastically hard-hitting the copy-writer and Ad agency has lost its way. Instead of really working hard on creative to create an impact, Ad Agency opted for a extremely violent situation in the copy-writing process.  The Ad was published in Times Of India  on Tuesday.

It provoked mixed reaction on Twitter

The Story Behind Delhi Police’s Arresting Ad of India Real Time attracted many on Twitters.


We think that Ad Agency has not worked hard in comprehending the whole situation and objective. The objective was to raise fund for Delhi Police youth training program. Few weeks back Saudi Arabia launched a strong Ad Campaign against domestic abuse. We would like our readers to see that ad also and think for them-self that the Ad Agency has really done justice with the objective of Ad Campaign.



What you think about Delhi Police Ad Campaign? Share your views.

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