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Google Doodle !marketing and branding strategy of Google



Google Doodle has came a longway since their first avtar as The Burning man and now it has become a phenomena. It is really rare that a company has more than 1000 versions of its logo in just twelve years and all of these logo has added tremendous value to Google as a brand. Google has not have started this process of giving an artistic expression to their corporate logo for marketing or branding purpose but it turned in to a very richful resource for Google.The risk they have taken is paying and its worth it also.

The qualities which is incorporated in every Google Doodle shows that how much carefully google has crafted each one of the Google Doodles.

  • It has to be interesting and it should arouse enough curiosity in people so that they should visit the home page of Google just to have a look of the Google.
  • It should be universally accepted without any controversy.i.e latest Google Doodle celebrate the 200 birthday of English novelist Charles Dickens. A universally accepted genius of English literature.
  • It should be related to an event,birthdays, holidays or festivals.
  • It should promote positive emotions like love,peace, humor,knowledge & democracy.

Google has done their best to incorporate themself in each of the Google Doodles and they have done it successfully. I can say without any doubt Google is the only company in the world which gets coverage by all the major news agency when ever they are coming with a new Google Doodle.

We did some home work and tried to find out some groung reality that how much free authentic marketing Google Doodle do for Google. We wrote simply google doodle on search engine Google and we got more than seventy million results. The most interesting part is first three result is from Google and Wikipedia else from newspapers and blogs. It is like each Google Doodle has become a news which is easy to cover and creates a lots of readership also. This free coverage from top most media and publication must have created an extraordinary authentic brand awareness for Google which  naturally turn out to in to marketing also.

In India it is regularly cover by major publishing house i.e  Times Of India, Hindustan Times, IBN Live, NDTV , Zee News, India Today. It shows the popularity of Google Doodle also as a news and among readers also. It is so unique that how this rare path taken by Google has become a phenomena. In reality it doesn’t follow any rule of branding but it has added enormous value to Google. This path is so unique, out of box that no one else would like to follow it.

The values which Google Doodle adds to Google are

  • Create a brand awareness through out world without spending a penny.
  • It has become a clear demonstration of the democratic nature of Google.
  • It has also clearly demonstrated Google as Global brand.
  • Authentic marketing for Google.
  • No one can copy or would like to copy it because of its uniqueness.

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