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Samsung ad campaign of Galaxy S III takes a dig at iPhone 5


Apple took the war of Smartphone against Samsung in courtroom won it easily and Samsung had waged the battle through advertisement campaign by taking a dig at iPhone 5. The print ad takes a dig at iPhone 5 is based on the presentation of iPhone 5 on the website of Apple.

Even after receiving an embarrassing blow from Apple in court battle Samsung is boosted and confident about their future in Smartphone industry. Samsung is  already the largest Smartphone manufacturing company in world and with products like Samsung Galaxy S III and Note 2 in market their confidence is on high. Apple has pioneered the innovation in Smartphone industry then Samsung has helped in evolution of this industry. Samsung has shown the courage and stood as competitor in Smartphone industry against Apple.  No doubt that each and every company who is making screen touch smartphone has followed the path of iPhone but Samsung has evolved. Samsung is paying for coping iPhone but Samsung has also evolved Galaxy product series from a being an iPhone copy in to a  evolved form of Smartphone. Apple has a policy of one product line where Samsung created a brand for them-self by offering products for all level of customer in Pyramid.

Apple has given the tag line ” The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” is iPhone 5. Samsung has taken a dig by claiming that the big thing is already here. Samsung has also introduced digital ad taking dig at people waiting outside Apple stores to buy the iPhone 5. There is one thing which Apple will certainly not take lightly and it is a claim that Samsung Galaxy S III is better than iPhone 5. The main reason behind it is Apple makes only those product which they can do better than everyone.


[youtube width="500" height="300"]ZWGsvcFpwNY[/youtube]


Interesting days of direct mocking of competitors have arrived in ad campaigns of Smartphone industry which is still in its nascent phase and enormous opportunity. It is extremely good for customers.

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