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TED has announced winners of Ads worth spreading 2012

TED has announced the winner of Ads worth spreading for 2012. Ten winners made in to the prestigious list Of  TED. These ads are

*Brand-Prudential   *Ad agency-Dragoa5

*Day One Linda

*Brand : Sharpie  *Ad Agency: Draft fcb

*Sharpie presents: Coffee cup to canvas

*Brand: NTT Docomo  *Ad Agency: Drill inc



*Brand: Chipotle *Ad Agency: Creative Artist Agency



*Brand: Microsoft XBOX * Ad Agency: twofifteenmccann

*The Kinect effect


*Brand: L’ Orea’l  * Ad Agency:

* R/GA Media group inc


*Brand: Engagement citoyen    *Ad Agency: Memac Oglivy

* The return of Ben Ali


*Brand: Rethink Breast Cancer  *Ad Agency: Jhon St

*Your Man Reminder


*Brand: Mazda  *Ad Agnency: Cosmo

*Mazda Documentary


*Brand: Canal +         *Ad agency: Euro RSCG Worldwide

*The Bear

Ads worth spreading is an effort from TED to find companies who want to communicate with customer in the same way as TED wants to communicate with his audience. TED received one thousand entries and ten were declared winner. The nomination team looked in to these areas

  • TALK: A straight-in-the-camera video of an individual giving a TED-like talk about a company or cause. This could be a CEO sharing their company’s idea to change the world, a technical expert sharing their knowledge or presenting research or a consumer sharing their enthusiasm.
  • SOCIAL GOOD: A campaign to right a wrong or change the world for better. A public service campaign that offers a socially conscious idea and deserves the passionate attention of the global community. This spot should engage the audience in solving a problem or answering a question and feature a moving call to action.
  • CULTURAL COMPASS: These are the campaigns that touch a cultural nerve; ads that capture or catalyze a cultural movement, moment or event. These campaigns may reflect the popular culture of the web, having gone viral, or celebrate specific regions or global diversity as part of their message. These are ads that are an active part of cultural dialogue in a connected world, crossing borders and cultures.
  • CREATIVE WONDER: Work that elevates the craft of the creative in advertising, that is ingeniously clever or technically brilliant, using technology in ways we’ve never seen. These ads showcase compelling writing, amazing musical compositions, cinematic art direction or high-impact design, and make information beautiful.
  • BRAND BRAVERY: Some brands have the courage to do it differently. We want to reward the brands that have reinvented their image, or even their industry; companies that have it hard because their business or product may not be flashy, but they stand out from the herd with an authentic, engaging, clever campaign; companies that are radically transparent in the face of difficult issues.
  • STORYTELLING: Ads with an unmistakably powerful central idea or story arc. These campaigns share a captivating story and speak authentically, producing quality content for a brand. Incredible examples of branded content, brand journalism are welcome.

TED asked that brands, producers and agencies submit:

  • Ads that clearly and cleverly express at least one great idea.
  • Ads so memorable they become part of our cultural stories.
  • Ads that amplify passion instead of ambushing viewers
  • Marketing with content as interesting as a TEDTalk
  • Branded content that elevates the craft of storytelling
  • Campaigns that beautifully blend traditional and digital media

Ads wort spreading is a brilliant effort towards encouraging story telling, communicating the idea, intelligence in advertising and it is a intellectual attack on the customization of Ads.

This article is prepared with the information available on TED ads worth spreading. Video source: Youtube



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