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Watch two amazing ads “Designed by Apple in California”


After watching many ads of Apple there is one aspect of Apple advertising campaign is clear. It will follow the principles on  which Apple design their products. “Designed by Apple in California” clearly reflect it.

[youtube width="500" height="300"]QoUwu9YwQps[/youtube]

The above ad is armed with simplicity of animation designing and using though provoking copy-write Apple shows what is the secret recipe behind their extraordinary products. It is interesting to read the copy-write.

If everyone is busy in making everything how can anyone perfect anything?

We start to confuse convenience with joy abundance with choice.

Designing something requires focus the first thing we ask is what do we want people to feel?

Delight, Surprise, Love, Connection

Then we begin to craft around our intention

It takes times

There are thousand “No’s” for every “Yes”.

We simplify We perfect We start over until every thing we touch enhances each life it touches.

Only then do we sign our work.

Designed by Apple in California

[youtube width="500" height="300"]MIEiYGW9IIk[/youtube]

This is it, This is what matters, The experience of a product, How it makes someone feel.

When you start by imagining, What that might be like, You step back ,You think.

Who will this help?, Will it make life better? Does this deserve to exist?

If you are busy making everything. How can you perfect anything?

We don’t believe in coincidence or dumb luck.

There are thousand “No’s” for every “Yes”.

We spend a lot of time  on a few great things.

Until every idea we touch Enhances every life it touches.

We’re engineers and artists. Craftsman and inventors.

We sign our work.

You may rarely look at it.

But you will always feel it.

This is our signature and it means everything.

Readers of this post will this that why we have written this copy-write? Our intention is that you should read these lines. It may be these line will appear will extremely simple to you but these line are the principle on which Steve jobs made one of the greatest company of all time. If anyone want to know about the concept of branding then no book can give you a better understanding than these lines. These ads also reflect the synergy with which Apple works towards their goal. It is just brilliant.

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