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Adobe study reveals: Global Creative Gap!

Adobe world-famous company for its creative suite of software’s like Adobe Photoshop has conducted a Global study on creativity. The result this study has produced is of concern. On their own website Adobe posted an article about the study “Global creativity Gap“. 

The key findings of the Global Creative Gap study are

1. unlocking creativity potential key to economic and societal growth. In every country more than 75% participants agreed and average result is  80%.

2. About 60% feels that being creative is valuable to society.

3. The Creative Gap: Only one in four people among the participant find that they are living up-to their creative potential.

4. 39% describe them-self creative Globally and in US 50% describe them-self creative.

5. 6 in 10 adult think of them-self as someone who creates.  

7. At work: There is an increasing pressure to be productive and not creative. 75% of the participant agreed.

8. Positive aspect: 50% participant think that they are being expected to think creative.

9. More than 50% feel that creativity is stifled by their education system.

10. only one-third of the time of the participant is creative.

11. Work is certainly not a creative time which rather approves that they are in pressure of being productive and not creative.

12. Japan is most creative country Globally followed by US.

13. This is an interesting one. Japan is seen as the most creative company except in Japan itself and US.

14. Tokyo is the most creative city and Japanese don’t agreed to this idea.

What drives Creativity:

1. Imagination and expressing ideas.

2. The ability to create is limitless.

3. Time and money challenges creativity.

4. Time, Training and Environment to think creatively.

5. Less leisure time, decreases creativity.

6. Technology helps creativity.

7. Social Media is a big Looser in motivating creativity.

8. The definition of creative on which maximum number of participant’s agreed is “Creativity defines a person and enables them to make a difference in their lives and lives of others. Creativity is something they share”.

It is a very important piece of study and somewhere I feel that Adobe should have taken 1000 participant from a developing country like from the group of BRIC. All the participant who have participated in this study belongs to the most developed countries in the world. The country which Participated are

1. United States of America.

2. United Kingdom

3. Japan.

4. Germany.

5. France.

The above listed countries are the most advanced countries in the world on following parameters and many more not listed here.

1. Economy.

2. Health and Education.

3. Technology.

4. Penetration of Internet and Infrastructure of Telecommunication.

5. Best places to work belongs to these countries only.

6. Access to technology is very high.

Now if there is a creative Gap in these countries then what is the state creativity in a country like India. As I am living in India, I can at-least make some assumption on the basis of the above study about the state of creativity in India.

1. Here I will say that the notion of being creative is available in General public. It is not discussed in school, college or workplace. Productivity rules every sphere of life from student, college and work. Productive is the word which matters. Some where it has entered deep inside the society and even parents are more concerned about the career ( Not in a creative way but productive way means how much money my kid will earn) since their childhood.

2. As it is said in the research that time and money is the biggest challenges of Creativity. Productivity is of utmost importance in a country like India, time and money are the mass murderer of creativity. 

3. Education system is really not supporting, there is no creativity in learning or in teaching .Schools,top most technology and management institutes in India are not enabling creative based learning. Media is also hypes the placement offer a student gets from top educational institutes which doesn’t allow students to go beyond marks or grades they too are not interested in bringing creativity in their learning. Productivity rules every sphere of Indian society and it is more connected to the economic condition of India in General. 

4. Country like India is used as an outsourcing destination of the back-end operation of developed country. No doubt that outsourcing has made India the call-center capital of world and created jobs but it is a great proof that even government is not interested in promoting India as a creative country. 

5. I also think that this is the condition of almost all the countries like India or far worst than this because there is nothing which enlighten the hope of creativity.

you can find the original study done by Adobe here.

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