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What makes Hostgator best hosting company?

Hostgator has differentiated itself in website hosting market by bringing simplicity and building relationship with client based on performance and customer care. We can say that Hostgator has innovated their customer service and support in a market which has almost become a commodity due to on going price war. When you will search for Website hosting services on Google it will show more than ninety million results. With the rise of internet through out world millions of company entered in this to have their share of pie and turned in to market which is extremely crowded at entry level.  Hostgator can be considered as an example which has developed a unique approach towards their hosting business and converted in to experience for their client.  Hostgator tagline “We eat up the competition” appear very arrogant but in reality they are doing it very humbly. What are the qualities which differentiate this company from every other company which is out there?

Approach towards whole business simple: Bringing simplicity in business is one of the toughest things to do. Hostgator has brought a simplicity in the interaction process with the client and delivery of the services. The whole process is extremely simple and well guided that any who can read instructions can take every action on its own.  I am not a great fan of their design but what make me speech less is very efficient interaction, coordination and delivery of the services between a client and host-gator.

Information can be easily found on Hosgator website and navigation is very easy. 

Your panel is very simple and everything is available on a category basis which makes very easy to find out anything you want.

Bringing simplicity in technological process is very unique which they have done. Rise of CMS like wordpress has made online publishing available to every layman who has the ability to develop content.

Accessibility:  Hostgator provides 24*7 accessibility which bring a global approach to their business.  It is very important to all of people who run ecommerce business.

Honesty, Faith and transparency: It is very important for every business to bring honesty while dealing with their clients. They have really worked on this aspect and they know that it is very important that client should believe that they are honest. They really work on it to build a relationship on these three points while interaction process.

Customer care: Hostgator has really worked a lot on customer care and I would like to say that it is great. They will take you from point zero to your destination without charging a penny. Hosting services and quality can be copied and developed but you cannot copy the sprit of customer care with in a company. This spirit is the major difference in Hostagtor and other hosting companies. As they say you are born with it and Hostgator is one company which is born with customer centric capabilities. You can ask any question to them in the domain of Hosting and they will answer and solve your problem. This is one area where you can’t compete with hostgator because the customer service they provide is nearly impossible to copy unless and until it is not in the culture, vision and DNA of any company. They have achieved such a high quality of customer care even when they are extremely good  in every other aspect of business.

It is very important lesson to learn for every technology company to how to have an edge when their services are becoming more and more like commodity. Hostgator should be a point of study for academics as how they have achieved and transformed hosting business in to a simple and customer centric business.



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