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Indian Government first press conference on Twitter: Sam Pitroda presenting Government

Indian government has just started its first press conference on Twitter and Sam Pitroda will present government point of view. Sam Pitroda is considered as the person who revolutionized communication technology in India. At present he is adviser to  Prime Minister  on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation.

He has also released a video on YouTube in which he briefed about the conference on Twitter


[youtube width="500" height="300"]q4Hm_7v7HRo[/youtube]


PMO India account @PMOIndia on Twitter  congratulated Sam Pitroda on this press conference.

Sam Pitroda @pitrodasam will answer question from his personal account on Twitter.

We are covering live all the tweets which is tweeted by revolutionary visionary.



Indian Government first press conference on Twitter: Sam Pitroda presenting Government

Sam Pitroda Presenting Government

Storified by abhinav kumar rai · Tue, Sep 25 2012 03:53:35

Welcome to our 1st press conference on ‘Democratization of Information’ on Twitter in India. The #Hash tag for today is #DoISam Pitroda
We appreciate your talking time out from your busy schedule to participate #DoISam Pitroda
I firmly believe that #Information is the 4th pillar of #democracy along with legislature, executive and judiciary #DoISam Pitroda
#Information brings about openness,accessibility,transparency,accountability,networking,decentralisation & as a result #democratisation #DoISam Pitroda
Information is power and not many wish to share. Info is critical for development and needs to be timely available to people. #DoISam Pitroda
Now that #India is a country of a billion #connected people, the challenge is to create a new paradigm for #development #DoISam Pitroda
Public #Information Infrastructure (PII) will transform India’s 1.2 billion people into 1.2 billion opportunities: http://iii.gov.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=107:public-information-infrastructure&catid=48:presentations&Itemid=2 #DoISam Pitroda
UPA Govt has various plans to build robust Information Infrastructure to democratize information on a scale that has never been done before-Sam Pitroda
-UPA Govt also has political will to make it happen #DoISam Pitroda
This will have far reaching implications on delivery of #public services, #Governance, #Education, #Health, #Agriculture, etc. #DoISam Pitroda
However, it will require new mindset and commitment of the young to change the course #DoISam Pitroda
PII includes the NKN to connect 1500 nodes for universities, colleges, R&D labs, Libraries, etc. Visit http://www.nkn.in #DoISam Pitroda
PII also includes fibre connectivity to all 250000 #panchayats #DoISam Pitroda
To build PII, we need multiple open platforms for Broadband, UID, GIS, Security, Applications, Payment and Portals #DoISam Pitroda
I believe that the NKN is a game changer and is going to revolutionise the way we #connect, #collaborate and deliver #education. #DoISam Pitroda
The NKN has enormous possibilities: Virtual Classrooms, Research Collab, etc. Read the NKN Brochure for details: http://nkn.in/download.php?file=NKN_Brochure.pdf #DoISam Pitroda
We have the #open government platform at http://www.data.gov.in will provide access to govt. data and documents #DoISam Pitroda
We need your support and help in making this happen. Please visit our websites and give us your ideas and inputs. #DoISam Pitroda
All this will require innovations, new business models, process reengineering, new products and new services and lot more #DoISam Pitroda
I now welcome questions on twitter. Thank you. #DoISam Pitroda
@soumyajitt No. But we need to start now. It will take time.Sam Pitroda
@GauravJulka1 The purpose is to give them access to informationSam Pitroda
@prithwis all 250,000 Panchayats will have fibre connectivity to ensure ubiquity #DoISam Pitroda
@ShivangiNarayan Certain sensitive information will have to be controlled by the government #DoISam Pitroda
@jojiphilip Pilot projects on Panchayat connectivity already underway, hopeful it will be done in next 18 months #DoISam Pitroda
@Dips_88 YES. However Information platform is needed to integrate ,create standards and improve access.#DoISam Pitroda
@PA_Paul We are infact doing exactly that! Delhi High Court is a good example.Sam Pitroda
@rachitseth NKN is already in all States upto Block level and State Governments have to leverage it #DoISam Pitroda
@yatishrajawat we are using all existing infrastructure and not duplicating! A million km of OFC already exists! #DoISam Pitroda
@videathink Agree. It is not just govt. Education ,Health,Agriculture,etc is more for the people and by the people.#DoISam Pitroda
@AmanAlam Work underway to get more data on http://Data.gov for citizens to develop relevant applications #DoISam Pitroda
@maulinshah9 Welcome. #DoISam Pitroda
.@anukampagupta citizens can develop relevant useful information and apps in local language #DoISam Pitroda
@ShivangiNarayan NKN is already operational, 850 institutions are connected, visit website nkn.in to get status update #DoISam Pitroda
@swapnapillai Various dept will decide that. First there will be some concerns. However, I am sure after a while dep will be more open. #DoISam Pitroda
@sushiljadu I am hopeful this will change.#DoISam Pitroda
@VishwaMohan UPA has created NKN, BB to Panchayats and other plans underway to build PII, see http://iii.gov.in #DoISam Pitroda
@joesat Pls have a look at the website of the National Innovation Council.#DoISam Pitroda
@skarthik140 Move to cloud computing will ensure common standards #DoISam Pitroda
Have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EViMlOJZqE&list=UUh7EUh69RBoRL-xkMWKFwfA&index=1&feature=plcp for more details on NKN. Also visit http://www.nkn.in #DoISam Pitroda
Its because the system is manual today and that’s why we are building PII @sourjyabhowmick @indiaspendSam Pitroda
It seems like there is substantial interest in this conference. I am impressed with the energy of Our young. #DoISam Pitroda
9786787@ India’s site http://data.gov.in, not dependent on US, NKN solely Indian project connecting edu institutionsSam Pitroda
@BalajiDruv cloud computing beginning, answer to standards in many areas. Mobile will move more to data & applicationsSam Pitroda
@ayesha_minhaz @pitrodasam That was the idea of the press conf.#DoISam Pitroda
Around Rs. 30,000 Crores in 18 Months @ShrikanthGSam Pitroda
Absolutely! @sidhantSam Pitroda
@ShraddhaDG Depends on the source of the info.3DoISam Pitroda
@aash_tvm We hope the creative talent of India will work its magic on the ground to deliver results #DoISam Pitroda
Good Idea! @mitta_nitj #DoISam Pitroda
@shashankm14 @acorn That is the objective in the long run.#DoISam Pitroda
We are applying ICT for improving Justice Delivery. Look at our work on #Courts of Tomorrow – http://iii.gov.in/images/stories/Courts%20of%20Tomorrow%204.0.pdf@India_Review #DoISam Pitroda
Reengineering of processes is a big hurdle! @iamnarendranathSam Pitroda
@acorn Agree.#DoISam Pitroda
@governancenow Model courts initiative underway in Govt, Delhi high court leading by example #DoISam Pitroda
Quick video on Impact of #Rural #Broadband: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KTJ7TGcca8&list=UUh7EUh69RBoRL-xkMWKFwfA&index=3&feature=plcp #DoISam Pitroda
@prisjebaraj It starts with RTI. To back it up, we need PII. And then provide access to real time info to ppl on demand.Sam Pitroda
Visit http://www.data.gov.in @ShivangiNarayan and http://www.iii.gov.inSam Pitroda
Do go through our detailed #presentation on Public #Information Infrastructure at: http://iii.gov.in/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=107:public-information-infrastructure&catid=48:presentations&Itemid=2 #DoISam Pitroda
@pratyush_ranjan Information Access for everyone.#DoISam Pitroda
Good idea! Strongly agree. @CAPMohan #DoISam Pitroda
@DevjyotGhoshal They can take online courses .#DoISam Pitroda
@rajeevnath NKN is meant to connect edu institutions to improve research collaboration, rural BB will impact citizensSam Pitroda
Panchayat can put their data on http://data.gov directly #DoI @rkarnanSam Pitroda
The whole idea of PII is to provide a backbone to RTI @governancenow #DoISam Pitroda
@dhaiakhar Whole purpose of Rural Broadband is to end digital divide by empowering rural citizens #DoISam Pitroda
@timesofindia @sampitroda Hopefully prices will go down as we get more broadband capacity and OFC to panchayats #DoISam Pitroda
@sanandmenon20 NOFN fibre being laid by BSNL, PowerGrid, railtel, private players also being used to lay fibre #DoISam Pitroda
@srini18scholes solar power is being planned at PanchayatsSam Pitroda

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