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Newslaundry.com: Pure innovation for Indian audience & Media from Madhu Trehan

Do you think Indian media needs innovation? Do you think Indian media needs to do introspection? Do you think Indian media needs to go to basics of journalism? Do you think top Indian editors and journalist of Indian media need to look in to the mirror? What do you think about the journalistic ethics of the Publication houses in India? Have you ever given a thought about the impact of Corporate investment in the business.

I will just suggest an example. School of Communication and Journalism of University of south California published a paper

Switching Power: Rupert Murdoch and the Global Business of Media Politics: A sociological analysis  .

“Murdoch’s corporate control facilitates and is facilitated by his ability to intervene in the editorial policies of his vast holdings (Barr, 2000;
Chenoweth, 2001; House of Lords, 2007). For example, a February 2003 Guardian (UK) survey found that all 175 NewsCorp-controlled newspapers mimicked Murdoch’s support for the invasion of Iraq, George Bush and Tony Blair and were equally derisive of the anti-war protestors (Greenslade, 2003)”

The above line is extremely interesting. News Corp didn’t even think of maintaining the balance between a point of view. The above data clearly reflects a media image which is of grave concern.

Where Indian media stands? It is very important question which Indian media needs to ask them-self. They are doing it. I don’t think so. There is a serious arrogance which is present in Indian media. Leaking of Radia tapes was in no way legally right. When Radia Tapes came in public forum the whole journalistic fraternity did just a bit of drama and everything continues as earlier. Media never discusses anything about Radia tapes. Nothing happened!

“Radia Tapes atleast made one thing clear, in India every thing can be fixed. Earlier we knew that only Cricket can be fixed”

Indian Media should have gone through the catharsis after  Radia Tapes  but it did not happen.Indian Digital and Print Media is working as arrogantly as they were earlier.

Madhu Trehan not very known to the current generation of audience but she is one of the most respected journalist in Indian media. She is the Founding  editor of India Today. Madhu Trehan’s contribution to India is not only her incredible investigative journalism but also innovation. The latest innovation she has delivered to Indian media is www.newslaundary.com 

Newslaundary says about themeself

“We at newslaundry are from the world of news and want to turn the mirror on ourselves.We respect independence, we value justice and we consider transparency an important and achievable goal for credibility. We will question established ways and models that get too comfortable and cozy becoming inert. Inertia is death.

No one should be above scrutiny – not politics, not industry, not civil society, not the media. Not them, not you, not us,not I, not he, not she – no one”


I think that every Indian should  watch Madhu Trehan “can you take it” interviewing the top notch from Digital and Print media. All the interview clearly reflects the current position of Indian media. Her concept “Can you take it” also bust the image of many editors. Madhu Trehan interviewing Karan Thapar is an enlightenment on “Devil Advocate” image. The body language and tone of Karan Thapar in the interview is a extreme contradiction of his image on screen.

Madhu Trehan interview is a great source of learning for many students of journalism. Madhu Trehan has raised one question in all the episode of “Can you take it” which is What is the standard of Journalism in India and ethics which is being followed by Journalist them-self and publication houses. She has asked each and every one about their views on Times of India’s business model and their journalism ethics. She has also raised the issue of the investment of Corporate India in Media.

Don’t expect extraordinary revelation but with her immense experience she is able to draw a correct picture of Indian media and the ethics which is being followed. I will recommend every one to view all the videos of interviews especially done by Madhu Trehan.

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