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Nicholas Felton Infographics made Infographics an internet phenomenon

Nicholas Felton Infographics has made infographics an internet phenomena. Nicholas Felton combined infographic with his brilliant designing capabilities and made it very interesting. The current avatar of inofgraphic which is available on internet is actually created by Nicholas Felton which is followed by publisher almost unknowingly through out world. Nicholas Felton didn’t invent infographic but he became the catalyst in pushing it where it is today.

Infographics is a condense form of Information Graphic. Infograhics means Graphical Representation of data and information. The basic benefit of an Infographic is the ability to represent a lots of complex data in a way which can be comprehended easily. Graphic representation of data is a very old concept which dates back till 7500 BC. In last five centuries lots of work has been done in this field. Few of  them are(Historical references has been taken from Wikipedia)

1626: Christoph Scheiner published the Rosa Ursina sive Sol which used a variety of graphics to show his astronomical research on the sun. He used a series of images to explain the rotation of the sun over time (by tracking sunspots).

1786: William Playfair published the first data graphs in his book The Commercial and Political Atlas. The book is filled with statistical graphs, bar charts, line graphs and histograms, that represent the economy of 18th century England. 

1857: English nurse Florence Nightingale used information graphics persuading Queen Victoria to improve conditions in military hospitals, principally the Coxcomb chart, a combination of stacked bar and pie charts, depicting the number and causes of deaths during each month of the Crimean War.

In 1936 Otto Neurath introduced a system of pictographs intended to act as an international visual or picture language.

The 1972 Munich Olympics were the venue for Otl Aicher to introduce a new set of pictograms that were extremely popular, and influenced the ubiquitous modern stick figures used in public signs.

There were many other artist who has contributed a lot to Infographic but no where in comparison of Nicholas Felton. Nicholas Felton took Infographic to masses. Making Infographic global was never the aim of Nicholas Felton but there is no doubt that in his path breaking innovation of collecting data Infographic played a major role.

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In 2005 Nicholas started his own website and started doing something very unusual. He released his first Annual report and used Infographic to represent his annual report. Nicholas Felton idea of documenting and tracking his own life on daily basis will cause a paradigm shift in data tracking of humans and later his concept of producing his own annual report became Felton phenomena on internet. Felton concept of annual report of a human became the basic ground lines for the Timeline profile on Facebook. Another by-product of Nicholas concept was he became very famous because of the unique designing process he applied in representation of data.

We can really give Nicholas Felton the credit to demystify the graphical data and making it so easy to absorb. If we compare his work with all the Infographic available on Internet traces of his work are clearly available. One aspect of Felton designing which I like personally is a sense of seriousness and clarity of visualization. Now Nicholas Felton is an accepted leader in the field of information visualization and personal data-tracking as per information given on his website. We think Nicholas Felton has transformed these areas.

  • Data visualization, presentation and designing.
  • His concept of annual reports of human being created the platform of the timeline profile on Facebook which we can say is the biggest tool to track the data available on earth.
  • you can visit his website and see his work.
We think travelling on the road less traveled either kills you or make you Nicholas Felton.

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