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Nikola Tesla the greatest Geek: Edison a Douchebag



Nikola Tesla is trending On Twitter but why? 15th January is not the birthday of Nikola Tesla still he is trending. What triggered the Tesla to trend on Twitter, we cannot confirm still a brilliant piece of work created by theoatmeal website  under tittle “Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest Geek who ever lived” is the most important reason for to  Tesla to trend. More than 90% of the Twitter user Tweets under Tesla hashtag has to do with this work only. The Next Web has also written an article based on Tesla but it is based on the Electric Car company Tesla started by PayPal founder Elon Musk.

Tesla trend has  indeed started a trend between him and Edison. A brilliant piece of satire which is created by theoatmeal.com and the work in starting only thrash Thomas Alva Edison. You can go through the work produced by theoatmeal from here. It has also started a conversation on Twitter about the greatness of Nikola Tesla and Edison.

Twitter users have praised the work done by Theoatmeal.com and it has led them to few very critical conclusion.

1. An extraordinary genuine content is a winner. People want to read, discuss and share about it.

2. Nikola Tesla is a certain winner and has thrashed Edison specially when it comes to Science. In Wikipedia it is Written in Nikola Tesla biography that when Thomas Edison died New York times did extensive coverage and there was only one negative statement about Edison. It was from Nikola Tesla who was quoted

[highlighter color="gray" ]He had no hobby, cared for no sort of amusement of any kind and lived in utter disregard of the most elementary rules of hygiene  … His method was inefficient in the extreme, for an immense ground had to be covered to get anything at all unless blind chance intervened and, at first, I was almost a sorry witness of his doings, knowing that just a little theory and calculation would have saved him 90 percent of the labor. But he had a veritable contempt for book learning and mathematical knowledge, trusting himself entirely to his inventor’s instinct and practical American sense[/highlighter]

I have personally come across many motivational quotes related to Thomas Alva Edison. The most important one which is used to work hard is “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. After reading Nikola Tesla point I am forced to think that his point of view was correct.

While checking about Tesla and Edison I came across an extraordinary documented documentary Light Bulb Conspiracy. It is also a brilliant piece of work which will allow you to have an better idea of the world we live in. The documentary can be viewed on topdocumentaryfilms.It also explains ”why the products we buy has a limited life time?” and how it is related to consumerism and capitalism. Nikola Tesla was a pure genius who was in pursuit of science. He maintained that status through out his life.

Some of the interesting Tweets!

We hope that the extraordinary work of theoatmeal.com should reach to millions and we should credit one of the  greatest genius Nikola Tesla.

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