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Arvind Kejriwal biggest strategic mistake: targets BJP

Arvind Kejriwal protest against corruption has already entered into political arena. Yesterday Arvind Kejriwal and IAC members protested from Jantar Mantar and tried to blockade the house of Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi and Nitin Gadkari. Till now what ever Arvind Kejriwal did was appropriate and fundamentally right but yesterday Arvind Kejriwal executed biggest strategic mistake.

Arvind Kejriwal has started attacking BJP also for corruption. His latest agenda is revolution which will change the Political culture of India. Arvind Kejriwal is trying to take on Congress and BJP both which is deeply flawed as a strategy and for the future which Arvind Kejriwal has seen for India.

Why attacking BJP is a flawed strategy?

1. Arind Kejriwal strategy to attack on BJP is flawed because it is beyond his capacity to take on two most important political parties of India. His voice against Congress has a sound credibility because Congress government is cornered with biggest scams in Indian history. We have seen that how the movement to bring Jan Lokapl bill in Parliament was systematically decimated by congress in collaboration with conventional media. The biggest problem with Arvind Kejriwal is vulnerability. Anna team was extremely vulnerable. Digvijay Singh used all his tactics to divide Anna team with the help of Indian media and he was pretty successful in doing it.

2. Attacking BJP on the ground of corruption is like killing a bird with a nuclear missile. BJP has certainly its own demons and ghost of corruption but comparing BJP with Congress on the ground of corruption is extremely flawed. BJP is a partner in a state government in which they have made a miraculous turnaround of Bihar. BJP is also ruling party of Gujarat, one of the most developed state of India. There is no comparison between the corruption of Congress and BJP. Congress is the mother of corruption in Governance in India.

3. In his latest attempt Arvind Kejriwal is trying to call for the change in political culture of India which is more corrupt than the corruption prevailing in India. Why not Arvind Kejriwal is taking all of his opponent one by one instead of going for all in one say.

The biggest problem in opposing BJP is Arvind Kejriwal will certainly benefit Congress. He should continue his protest against corruption but should aim one by one. The chances of a Goliath being killed in the coming 2014 General  Election is very high.

His basic strategy should be

1. Whitewashing Congress which is easy if he will stop becoming pawn of Congress.

2. Emerge as a powerful political force with real numbers.

3. Then take on BJP and each and every other party in power in center and state.

The point which Arvind Kejriwal needed to think is political power is something which no one will submit. The transformation about which he is proposing is not acceptable to many parties particularly those following the dynasty politics. He should protest and start taking on each of the opponents one by one. His biggest strength is his credibility.

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