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Arvind Kejriwal VS Kingfisher Airlines

Arvind Kejriwal and Kingfisher airlines are both tending on Twitter because Kingfisher deplaned Arvind Kejriwal even when he has valid boarding pass. He was on his way to Dharmsahala to discuss a rally against corruption. As per reports in all the section of media Arvind Kejriwal has valid boarding pass still he was not allowed to board the Plane. Something really fishy in the situation from Kingfisher side.

1. There was no reason provided by Kingfisher airlines on the issue.

2. Why he was stopped from attending rally in Dharmshala?

If the decision to deplane Arvind Kejriwal was taken by higher management without any pressure from outside of Airlines then it was a poor decision and choice of passenger to deplane was extremely bad. The way event has happened and Arvind kejriwal has been singled out as he has claimed forces every one to think why him?

India Against Corruption Pune was very prompt to protest the action of Kingfisher Airlines action on Facebook. India against corruption has also post another news about Arvind Kejriwal and a scanned copy of his ticket.


Kingfisher Airlines is news since last many month for all the wrong reason and Arvind Kejriwal incident is another addition in the long list.

The conversation which is happening on Twitter is very interesting on hashtag of Arvind kejriwal and Kingfisher. One of the most interesting Tweet which appeared on the Arvind Kejriwal hashtag

We don’t think that Public will ever hear any explanation from Kingfisher Airlines unless Arvind Kejriwal is not dragging them to Court. Kingfisher Airlines is already facing so many troubles didn’t aggravate their situation any more. From our side we can only suggest Arvind Kejriwal that his time and energy is very important. His focus has a very high value for this country and he should not waste a single minute of his time on fighting an Airline which is struggling for their existence.

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