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Aseem Trivedi Released from Jail


Aseem Trivedi arrest became a strategic mistake and  headache for Maharashtra Government. Today they must have got some relief after the release of Aseem Trivedi from Arthur road jail. Aseem Trivedi was arrested under the charges of Sedition and the charge became a serious bone of contention for everyone through out India.

The government was attacked from every section of media because of the charges under which Aseem Trivedi was booked. Lal Kirishan Advani also cornered Congress party and Principal party in Central and State government through a Post on his blog titled ”Present Political Setup More Draconian Than Democracy”. In his blog he has written that

“If the present political regime had been in office in 1975-77, I have no doubt that like Aseem Trivedi, Abu Abraham also would have been behind bars! Emergency had armed government with extraordinary powers. But the draconian mindset of the present rulers is born out of failure and desperation”

Aseem Trivedi release must have provided Maharashtra Government and Congress party some relief. After release from Jail Young Cartoonist offered tribute to Dr B R Ambedkar. Aseem Trivedi has also addressed a press conference after release from jail. In his Press conference He was joined by Binayak Sen who has also faced charges of sedition brought against him by Chhattisgarh State  government. BJP rule State government in Chhattisgarh.

Aseem Trivedi is an activist against corruption has said that he will fight against this colonial law of sedition. He also added that now a with the advent of Social media like Facebook and Twitter freedom of expression is not an issue of journalist, writer or cartoonist. It is an issue of concern for every one.

Picture used in this post have been taken from Aseem Trivedi Facebook account.

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