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Barfi Theatrical Trailer: rich and beautiful: Hit on Twitter and YouTube

Barfi Theatrical trailer has been released and it has received well deserved appreciation from critics and viewers. Barfi the name itself has a tasty mindshare for the Indian audience as Barfi is a name used for sweets. Barfi trailer was released on 2 July and it trended on twitter in Indian region for almost more than 24 hrs. First you should watch the trailer.


[youtube width="500" height="300"]yZxrao3zou4[/youtube]


Barfi trailer convey a sublime message of life is beautiful. Ranbir Kapoor has followed his own path and it is paying him also. In India movies on disabled person are always filled with the grim situation of their life which is true also. Barfi trailers allow us to think life can be enjoyed. Music colors and choreography presented in the trailer just make the audience calm and happy.

Ranveer Kapoor is evolving as an actor with each movie. He has not allowed himself to be in the race and has created a carefully differentiated space for himself as an actor. lleana has played the role of love interest of Ranbeer Kappor and Priyanka Chopra has played the role of a differently abled person.  The story revolves around the relationship of these three people. From trailer it seems the movie is based somewhere in past. Ranbeer Kappor has used facial expressions as a major part of his acting. There is a presence of Raj Kappor in his body language.

Over all The trailer has said that Barfi is rich in colors, sublime in music and it has story which will make you happy. Barfi Trailer has received appreciation on Twitter.

On YouTube also Barfi theatrical trailer more than 700k views. The mindshare of Indian audience has an experience through Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies but Barfi is a innovative approach.

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