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Beni Prasad Verma from being happy with inflation to Narendra Modi VS Rahul Gandhi in 1 day

I would like to first provide some data then we will scrutinize the comment made by Beni Prasad Verma.

32.67% of India population live below poverty line. Below Poverty Line is a term init self extremely sarcastic and brutal in nature. On Wikipedia there is a page poverty threshold   and one paragraph on that page says

“The common international poverty line has in the past been roughly $1 a day.[4] In 2008, the World Bank came out with a revised figure of $1.25 at 2005 purchasing-power parity 

In India it is well below $1. Today the value of $1 in Indian rupee is Rs 55.50 so we can understand that we are pathetically below the level of even the insensitive line demarcated by world bank. Planning Commission of India which has demarcated this Rs 32 line has spend $63,000 to renovate two toilets.

Planning commission expenditure on two bathrooms clearly reflects one position and it is India Government is certainly super rich. Beni Prasad Verma Central Minister of Steel from this super-rich arrogant government today made an extremely insensitive and insightful statement.

He said “He was happy over rising of food prices as it helps Farmers”. On a personal level I think that this comment is specifically made by a Central Minister of government to deflect the focus on the recent serious failure of Government in handling Assam riots, Mumbai CST riots, Pune attacks on North Eastern and then South India exodus of North Indian. Indian Government was seriously on a focus point of attack from opposition.

Suddenly Beni Prasad Verma popped up from  no where on Indian media scene with two comments ”He was happy over rising of food prices as it helps Farmers” and “It will be Rahul versus Modi in 2014 LS polls: Beni Prasad”. These two comments has certainly given much required relief and Beni Prasad Verma comment did the job perfectly.

Both comments made in a small interval of time by Beni Prasad Verma if scrutinize closely certainly said casually but smartly. Congress must be happy with Beni Prasad Verma. On Twitter also a lot of reaction came


Both comments made were sensational enough to distract opposition and it did.

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