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Why Congress has arrested Aseem Trivedi?

Arrest of Aseem Trivedi for a cartoon he has made a year back appear as a strategy made in extreme desperation. How and why a frail cartoonist from Kanpur became the biggest enemy of India. Aseem Trivedi has been arrested under the charges of Sedition. Aseem Trivedi has been a member of India Against Corruption and participated with Anna Hazare in his movement against corruption.

No doubt that arresting Aseem Trivedi on the charges of sedition will be one of the mistake which Congress Party and UPA will remember in 2014 election. One of the major question is Why Congress has done such a stupid and suicidal mistake? What Congress  thought they can achieve it?

1. Congress is in dire need to deflect the focus from Coal Gate from media. Arrest of  Aseem Trivedi will certainly provide the a gasp of breath.

2. Visa agreement with Pakistan will be scrutinize by media and one question will remain that What India Got out of Visa agreement.

3. The arrest of Aseem Trivedi can be a signal for all media group to align with the strategy with Central Government otherwise face serious action.

The most important benefit which Congress government will get is diversion in the discussion in media.

Repercussion of this action which Congress has taken will be exponential in nature. Congress government is already under the

If Indian Government can’t take action against the intelligentsia like Arundhati Roy because it can create furor in international media  then why action against a person who is fighting against a corruption and freedom of internet. This arrest can be viewed as one of the major step of Indian Government towards curbing freedom of speech and a signal that India should be ready for a tough fight.

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