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Delusive Journalism or Something else?(UPDATE)


Priyanka Gandhi is trending on Twitter and one of my biggest fear came true that someone has promoted Priyanka Gandhi as Prime Minister of India. The person who has played the platform to promote Priyanka Gandhi  is B Raman retired additional secretary of Government of India. The letter is on rediff  and published on his personal blog.

In last few months I have come across article written by people with complete loyalty towards congress. All of these articles written by either prominent journalist or latest from B Raman seriously lacks

1. Logic.

2. Unbiased views.

3. Critical thinking.

It all started with Aakar Patel article “Why Congress represent’s Indian Value best?” which appeared in live mint. The article written by him starts with a conclusion We are a congress minded nation. In this article he also predicted that Congress will flourish under vadra Gandhis (  who is non other than Priyanka Gandhi) in future.

Another article which appears in the Media few weeks after Aakar Patel article was written by Harish Khare former Media Advisor to PM in UPA season 1. Again unique tittle “Guilty on many counts, not corrupt” . The article was attacking Anna Hazare campaign and using George Orwell as a premise. One of the basic thing he forgets that George Orwell premise is available only to a government not to a pressure group like Anna Hazare.

The whole article was written against a man name Anna Hazare who is ready to give his Life for the betterment of this country.  The article was a vicious attack Anna Hazare struggle and safeguarded the leader of Indian Government with a unique conclusion that “guilty on many counts, not corrupt”.

The latest is an open letter to Sonia Gandhi which B Raman states that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should be President Of India and Priyanka Gandhi should be the leader of UPA.

There are some unique characteristic which is very common in these three articles. There are some points which is present in all of these article’s which is utter idiotism.

Aakar Patel article:  “Why Congress represent’s Indian Value best?”

” These values are religious accommodation, comfort with racial and linguistic diversity, acceptance of caste in politics, comfort in dynasty and a preference for compromise over principle. This flexibility has kept India democratic, and it is a Congress trait. The party also represents the middle-class consensus which views India as a great civilizing force, and seeks a nurturing of India’s cultural aesthetic”.

“The Congress under the Gandhis, and later the Vadra-Gandhis, will remain our one great national party”

The most dangerous part of his article is the promotion of Dynasty Politics. The biggest of India and Indian democracy is facing is Dynasty Politics and the PR mechanism which is set to promote in Media.

Haris Khare Article: 

“Manmohan Singh is not corrupt, but he is definitely guilty. He can be easily charged — along with his political partner, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi — of pursing a politics of decency and of elevating reconciliation to a matter of state policy.”

India needed a healing touch and Manmohan Singh — the decent, non-politician — was the man to provide it. In partnership with Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh calmed the nation’s frayed nerves. We all basked in the sunshine of Manmohan Singh’s decent impulses and inclinations. Decency is an ephemeral virtue; it is neither easily identifiable nor quantifiable; but, its absence can be felt acutely“.

The divine elevation his article is providing to Manmohan Singh and UPA government is in reality a grave concern for journalism and readers.

B Raman: Open letter

“The credibility of the Manmohan Singh government is withering and what the nation needs is a psychological turnaround that Priyanka Gandhi can provide”.

Dr.Manmohan Singh is commanding less and less attention and his authority is less and less visible and palpable.

I feel sincerely that you should avail of the opportunity provided by the Presidential elections  to have him approved by your coalition as the next President of the country in recognition of his undeniable services to the nation in the past. He might have failed recently, but he had done wonderful work in the past.

After going through one dark moment after another, the nation needs some electrifying moments. She can provide them. Let her (Priyanka Gandhi) take over as the PM and form a Cabinet in which the GenNext of the Congress leaders will occupy the commanding heights of decision-making and their implementation.

Sometimes I am aghast by this open poetic glorification of people in Power. In all of these article songs of Glorification sung by author for what? All of these three articles resemble some basic character and plot.

1. Dynasty politics should be followed.

2. Manmohan Singh has failed or guilty but he should be glorified again.

3. These article’s or letter are written on the basis of delusive facts and lacks critical thinking. you can clearly find word’s like

healing touch, psychological turnaround, electrifying moments and only god know’s what.

4. There are some interesting link between article of Aakar patel, Harish Khare and open letter of B Raman.

On 18th May Aakar Patel say’s “The Congress under the Gandhis, and later the Vadra-Gandhis, will remain our one great national party”.

On June 6 Haris Khare article appears ” Guilty on many counts, not Corrupt” promoting PM Manmohan Singh.

On June 13 B Raman open letter appear’s which seems demoralizing PM but in reality it is about rewarding PM Manmohan Singh and promoting Priyanka Vadra Gandhi as leader.

These are facts and readers have to derive conclusion that it is a delusive journalism or Something else.

We said it is something else:

PM Manmohan singh is on the list of Mulayam Singh and Mamata Banerjee as a candidate whom they can support.

PM Manmohan Singh will be President or not that is different case. How much embarrassing it is for Congress that leave to political analyst to discuss.  Let’s see how the event unfolds in the coming day’s.

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