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Ek Tha Tiger: Teaser Trailer a big hit on Twitter



Ek Tha Tiger: Teaser Trailer is a big hit on Twitter. In less than twenty four hours the Teaser trailer received more that 700k views. It is very rare that a teaser trailer will be such a big hit on twitter but when Salman khan is in the lead there are no rules which is needed to be followed. #EkThaTiger and Salmankhan is trending in all the six regions of India. It truly speaks about the stardom power of Salman Khan.

In last few years Salman Khan has achieved a cult status where people love to watch him and they love him the way Salman Khan is and he is not. I am also one of his big fan still while writing this post I have to be unbiased.

I have seen the trailer and it loudly speaks only one language Salman Khan, Salman Khan and Salman Khan. YRF is producing Ek Tha Tiger and their another Home production Ishaqzaade is set for a theatrical release today. It appears that to create the momentum for Ishaqzaade teaser trailer of Ek Tha Tiger is released. Salman Khan personally tweeted about the movie Ishaqzaade.


Some where I have a sense that YRF should not have released the teaser trailer of Ek Tha Tiger because Salman Khan is huge star and has fan following through out India and knows no boundaries.  It may be the space of Twitter will be fulfilled by 1 min teaser trailer of Ek Tha Tiger and Ishaqzaade will not get any space.

There are some rare elements in who will defy all rules of branding. Sir Richard Branson in the world corporate leaders and his company virgin as a brand and then Salman Khan in India.

Not a single actor in India come even some where close to Salman Khan when it comes to support from Slaman Khan Fans. There is race to make Ek Tha Tiger and Salman Khan to trend on Twitter.

Ek Tha Tiger teaser trailer and and all the tweets related to it shouts Salman Khan. Lets have look at some of the tweets.


We thought to search for some tweets who have seen the trailer keeping their consciousness and mind filtered from the charisma of Salman Khan. We came across these tweets.


You can get the power of Startdom of Salman Khan that his movies teaser trailer trends on Twitter. We can say that it has nothing to do with Ek Tha Tiger. It is just Salman Khan.

Watch the teaser Trailer of Ek Tha Tiger:


[youtube width="500" height="300"]yqz5WTJMLEw[/youtube]



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