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Fatwa of Mullah Mulayam: Shahid Siddiqui kicked out of Samajwadi Party

Mullah Mulayam issued a fatwa of kicking Shahid Siddiqui out of Samajwadi Party. The Sin for which he has been convicted by Mullah Mulayam is  “Shahid Siddiqui has interviewed Narendra Modi”. The development in Shahid Siddiqui story is phenomenal. After interviewing Narendra Modi he suddenly became the blue eyed boy of Indian media who has managed to get the illusive interview of Narendra Modi but the big question was the goal has been achieved by the editor of an Urdu weekly or not..

Narendra Modi has an enigmatic career as a Chief Minister of Gujarat which started with unfortunate Gujarat riots which will haunt him just like riots and  senseless murder during Partition  which left one million dead must have haunted Jinnah and Nehru. Difference is there was no media during those days and Political stature of these leaders were in compare of Mahatma Gandhi. In 2001 as a Gujarat CM Narendra Modi was almost amateur in Political circuits having the backing of RSS. He started in worst way any one can expect in democracy but after that there was no looking back. He went on to become the most efficient administrator and the Chief Minister who mean business. In last eleven year at the helm of the Gujarat Politics the state has seen a turnaround in their economy and development process. There is only one person in India who can rival him as an efficient and productive administrator is Nitish Kumar.

Indian media has an unbiased goal of getting an apology from the mouth of Narendra Modi for Gujarat riots. Indian media and the gods of this profession have pursued this goal with all the vehement morality which is good but when it comes to follow other goals  like 1983 Neville massacre in Assam , 1984 riots against Sikh, 1984 Bhopal Gas incident, Bofors Scam and list can go on. On other issues the gods doesn’t seem to show even a tepid fake excitement. The current example is how Indian media avoided reporting of latest Assam riots. When enormous pressure came from Social Media then media houses started pursuing the story with very soft tone against central and state government Which belongs to Congress.

It is natural that Narendra Modi will not give interview to an hostile media and his interview has become an illusive opportunity which landed to Shahid Siddiqui Editor of Nayee Duniya and in recent UP election he was the face of Samajwadi Party in Media. The interview of Narendra Modi made headlines in the Indian Media especially the emotional dialogue “Hang Me If I am Guilty”. With in hours media started having discussion with Shahid Siddique about how he landed the interview. The basic point was has Shahid Siddique achieved the goal or not which was Getting an apology from the tongue of Narendra Modi.

What  Shahid Siddiqui got was a statement “Hang Me If I am Guilty” and after critical postmortem of  this statement by different media persons it was rejected. The Interview was leveled as a PR tool of Narendra Modi. Only Shahid Siddiqui knows that it was a PR tool or he really tried to scrutinize Narendra Modi. Mission failed and then came the Fatwa from Mullah Mulayam for Shahid Siddiqui and he was kicked out of Samajwadi Party. The irony of the situation is Shahid Siddiqui coined the term Mullah Mulayam in 1983. Why Shahid Siddiqui was expelled from Samajwadi Party is the question everyone is pondering? As per media reports this interview was conducted in knowledge of Mulayam Singh Yadav. Shahid Siddiqui was simply kicked out of Party because he was not able to achieve the illustrious goal. There is certainly another angle to the whole incident and that is Shahid Siddique wanted to be Rajya Sabha member from SP which didn’t happened.

Yadav and Minority Muslim votes in UP has been the Pillar of Mulayam career. The Political gain which SP wanted to have with this interview never happened then some one needed to be executed for this failure. Shahid Siddique has been executed and certainly he has been the pariah of Political scene.

On Twitter it was an issue and trended in Indian region for almost three days. On Twitter some interesting tweets appeared.

Sagarika Ghose Tweeted

Samajwadi Party said that Shahid Siddiqui has left Samajwadi Party long back when he fought Loksabha election from Bijnor on BSP ticket and then he joined RLD. I could not understand that how Shahid Siddiqui could represent Samajwadi Party in UP elections.

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  1. this so called secularism is a real threat to India. These people are the real communal people in India. 

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