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Two historical Judgement prevailed Justice in India: still justice an illusion in India

Two historical Judgement came today which certainly establishes India as a secular and pluralistic country but justice still remain a distant illusion in India. Both of the judgement came in high profile cases which has been scanned by the lens of Media.

Ram Jethmalani once said that there is nothing in the Ajmal Kasab (One of the man who perpetrated violence Mumbai attacks) which can save him. He was right when Indian Supreme Court rejected the plea of Ajamal Kasab and upheld his death sentence.

Ajmal Kasab was the only alive person captured by Indian authorities otherwise nine others were killed. For many reasons Congress party which is ruling in Maharashtra and Center both was not executing the death sentence given by High Court. Amal Kasab waged war against India and the victims of his brutal crime were innocent people.


The judgement is huge because Indian Government which is headed by Congress party doesn’t want deliver the death sentence to a Man who was caught on CCTV camera firing bullets on innocent Indians. The reason is same because of which Afjal Guru has not been executed since a decade.

Another historical judgement today delivered in Gujarat 2002 Naroda Patiya riots case. The massacre in Naroda Patya happened one day after Godhra train carnage in which 59 Hindus were burned alive. The victims in Naroda Patya riot were Muslims. 97 people wee killed in Naroda Patiya.

Special trial court in Ahmedabad has convicted 32 people in Naroda Patya massacre. Maya kodnani a Mla from BJP and Babu Bajrangi a Bajrang dal leader has also been convicted by trial court. The sentence will be announced on Friday.

Specially in one case one of the dirtiest face of Politics emerges.When Naroda Patiya judgement was declared Politics started on the judgement from Twitter to ground level.

Congress which has projected himself as the savior of Muslims in India has never supported the victims in Gujarat openly because of the alienation of majority community voters. Individual from every community stood in support of the victims. The time verdict was delivered politics of Tweets and Comments started


Digvijay Singh made his divine presence in media as usual and commented an extremely important point on Naroda Patiya verdict. He made an important point while commenting on Nardoa Patiya Verdict.

” As far as the Gujarat communal riot case is concerned I respect the judgement of the honorable court and it is now clear that the minister and others have acted on the behest of the then Chief Minister Mr Narendra Modi also Chief Minister now because no minister could have involved in such a mass crime until they have the consent of the Chief Minister”

Rajeev Gandhi then Prime Minister of India made a statement in New Delhi  on November 19th 1984, at a Boat Club rally commemorating his late mother‘s birthday:

“Some riots took place in the country following the murder of Indiraji. We know the people were very angry and for a few days it seemed that India had been shaken. But, when a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it does shake a little.”

Government Of India reported 2700 death and even after 28 year of the riots Justice has not been delivered. Congress will avoid to attack Modi directly because in Gujarat them self they have not supported the victims of the riots of Gujarat in fear of the alienation of the majority votes. They have blocked the justice for 1984 victims and at present a state government of Congress in Assam is embroiled in a mess.

it may be justice has been delivered today in India but Justice is still a distant illusion for a common man in India.

If we see the history of Human Being two words religion and patriotism has been used to shed blood worldwide. Politics on the death, torture and victimization of a Human being of any community through out world reflect the true nature of our mind. It is Pathetic.

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