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Hollywood strategy: to Tap Indian market


Hollywood has never been able to make an impact or penetrate the Indian market the way they have been able to capture  market in other countries. Hollywood movies has always been always the second preference for Indian audience and Indian market is too big to ignore.

Hollywood was looking for something  to solve this problem. Solution came from Hollywood only. Slumdog Millionaire a movie based on story of a young boy Salim Malik from Dharavi, Mumbai directed by Danny Boyle. Slumdog Millionaire also won eight academy awards. The success of Slumdog millionaire forced Hollywood production houses to review their strategy.

Hollywood strategy “Bring India in the Hollywood movie“.

What I mean by Saying “Bring India in the Hollywood movies” is attach a plot or actor in the story which is related to  the movie. The whole movie should bring add a relevancy for Indian audience to watch the movie. It also shows that Indian’s love relatedness.

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol 4: Anil Kapoor played an insignificant role in Mission Impossible 4 considering his status in Bollywood. Still Anil Kapoor Playing a role in MI4 and Mumbai has also a part in plot has provided enough relatedness to Indian audience. Posters of MI4 in Indian was also promoting Anil Kapoor. I strictly don’t think that the same prominence Anil Kapoor have got while MI4 promotion’s in other countries.

In a post on Rediff.com titled “Foreign Press misses Anil Kapoor in MI4″ says

[highlighter color="gray" ]Anil Kapoor might be still grinning about his big Hollywood film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but the foreign press seems to have him completely. Most Major reviews- in The New York Times, rolling Stones and E Online- have not even mentioned the Indian actor.[/highlighter]

Financial Performance of Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol: MI 4 earned Rs 26 Cr around $5 million in first weekend breaking the record of Avatar and 2012.

The Avengers: The latest worldwide blockbusters The Avengers has also a minor connections with India in the story. Hulk altered ego Dr Bruce Barner was hiding in Kolkata. The presentation of Kolkatta was not in right spirit as it was criticized by audience also but an India was connected in the movie.

The Avengers went on to be the first Hollywood movie or international movie to outsmart a Bollywood movie weekend collections.

The Great Gatsby: Amitabh Bachhan playing a very small appearance in “The Great Gatsby” considered as his debut movie in Bollywood. The startdoom of Amitabh Bachhan is like a legend in India and among Indian’s. His stardom power is so high that by just appearing in the movie for seconds “The Great Gatsby” has created a relatedness with all Indians living through out world.

One question I think why Amitabh Bachhan? Answer is yesterday a Picture in The Great Gatsby was released in Bombay Times with Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. For whole day The Great Gatsby was trending in India. Almost each section of media has covered the news. Amitabh Bachhan in a Hollywood movie the news is enough to create a massive PR and news for the movie.

Amitabh Bachhan tweeted about the above picture which appeared in Bombay Times and after that “The Great Gatsby” was trending on Twitter in India for whole day.

The marketing of “The Great Gatsby” is already done in India. It is a brilliant strategy which Hollywood movies  especially with big budget are adopting. It is financially feasible and immensely helps in the marketing of movie in Indian subcontinent.

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