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How to decode Protest Puzzle against anti Islam?

If I will say people who are involved in Killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans are Muslim then I am doomed as a bigot anti ISLAMIST. Still fact is they were MUSLIMS. Violent protest and Peaceful protest against UNITED STATES in Middle East has spread because  a convicted evil ponzi personalty Nakoula Basseley Nakoula made one of the most pathetic movie of all time Innocence Of Muslim. As per the reports which has appeared in western media particularly in an investigation done by Associated Press claim that he is only Sam Bacile. The actors who has played a role in this movie has been cheated as the Director of the movie has kept them from real objectives of the movie. Movie doesn’t need any response from any critic because it is derogatory in nature and it has been made with one Purpose to hurt the sentiments of MUSLIM and it did. The intention behind making this movie is still unknown .

The protest against US has spread from Libya and Egypt to Middle East, Tunisia , Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. It spread like a fire.

The protest is an addition in the series of protest which started from Salman Rsuhdie book The Satanic Verses , Taslima Nasreen LajjaJyllands-Posten_Muhammad_cartoons_controversy and latest one on Innocence Of Muslim. The protest always happen on the name of hurting the religious sentiments of MUSLIM by derogating ISLAM and most revered figure in ISLAM Prophet Muhammad.

The protest which has happened in past or happening is far more than the concept of Religious Feeling being hurt. I will just given an example.

In India this year Uttar Pradesh Legislative assembly Election 2012 from 8 February to 3 March happened in which Samajwadi Party routed BSP  . 24 th to 28th January 2012 Jaipur literary Festival was scheduled in Jaipur capital city of Rajasthan in which Salman Rushdie was one of the speaker. Suddenly a strange controversy happened in which Political Parties started opposing the visit of Salman Rushdie in Jaipur. Media speculated that it is a strategy to woo Muslims Vote which is very important in UP election. Salman Rushdie was not allowed to visit Jaipur literary Festival. On March 17 2012 Salman Rushdie was allowed to make an appearance at India Today Conclave in New Delhi. Not a single party opposed his visit but again he was used for Political benefits across the border. Imran Khan   who was an invitee as a speaker in the  India Today Conclave refused to share dais with Rushdie  to appease fanatic Mullah of Pakistan. The Satanic Verses was published in 1988 and it is 2012. Rushdie has become the witch for Political Parties in India which they hunt for their Political gains. The best part is they keep the witch happy and alive so that he should continue to keep visiting India.

Salman Rushdie a literary genius who is being used by Politicians in India and Pakistan for appeasement Politics. If some one will study how Salman Rushdie has been used to gain Politically from Iran to India will help to uncover the real nature of these protest. The above set of incident which I have cited is one of the most simple example. Tasleema Nasreen  has also become a plot for Political parties to gain their motives. Tasleema Nasreen is not a global phenomenon but a important one in India. The importance of witch who will be hunted depends on its economic value. The economic value is derived particularly from what kind of Political gains can be achieved by targeting the witch. Tasleema Nasreen has certainly a lower value compared to Salman Rushdie.

Innocence Of Muslim has allowed the power stake holders or who want to gain power in Arab and Middle East world to target the biggest power in the world which is USA. Economic value very high.

To create any protest in such a small time in a large geographic region need far coordinated effort and bigger goal than satiating the hurt feelings.  One thing for sure the anti Islamic has worked as a brilliant cover for power holders in the region to attack  the most important centers of Power which is US embassy.  A common man is busy in making a life with his family. He has far important things in the world to do than the religion. One of the most important reason I have come across in defense of Protest is ISLAM religion is the center of the life of MUSLIM. It is such a fallible example in defense. All human beings through out world have few central thing around their life is which is Breathing, Food, Shelter , Family, Good Life and Future and Sex. There is saying in India that ” Empty Stomach, Cannot Remember GOD” which I find true.

If the force behind these protest would have been the people whose religious feeling have been hurt then I think that whole world is in deep trouble. These protest is being conducted solely for one reason and that is political power.

Mosab Hassan Yousef son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef who is the founding member of HAMAS wrote  Son Of Hamas . In the book  Son Of Hamas Mosab Hassan Yousef has attacked ISLAM and Prophet Muhammad viciously but no protest in Arab world. Arab world especially Middle East chose to ignore this book by saying that it is a propaganda of ISRAEL. The book has been appreciated in western media a lot. Atheist like Richard Dawkins and late Christopher Hitchens  have attacked ISLAM with utmost viciousness and with extraordinary logic but Arab world choose to ignore them. I will not be surprised to see that the movie on the life of Prophet Muhammad Mosab Hassan Yousef  will be as controversial in nature as Son Of Hamas. What kind of attention it will get will be an important subject to watch. I think that it will be ignored because it will not serve the political goals of the Power stake holders.

There are few question which are very important for the intelligentsia of ISLAM to answer. The latest crap  ”Innocence of Muslim” is a classic case against in  which a coördinated protest against US happened.  It reflects the forces which are acting in these part of world are very selective in choosing the projects against which they have to protest and their target is also specific and clearly reflects Political nature. As per many reports  Rohingya Muslims were being murdered in MYANMAR. Social Media was abuzz with protest but on Ground not a single country protested against the suffering of Rohingya Muslim in Mayanmar.. The main reason the power stake holder in Arab and Middle East world will not gain anything by protesting against the oppression of Rohingya Muslims. 

A research based study is needed on the history and nature of all the protests in Muslim world  which has spread like fire through out Muslim world against any Anti Islamic issue.

1. The circumstances in which protest started?

2. What is the target and who is leading the protest?

3. What is the supply chain which is used through which it spreads in many countries?

4. Who managed the funding in each country?

5. What is the Political gains of power stake holders in Muslim world and especially to west?

Hope someday we will read a book on the history of these protest.

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