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Indian media and intelligentsia suffering from Respect syndrome

It can be consider as an impact of culture that Indians believe in Symbolic respect more than the respect which is shown through Karma. Indians  have been dominantly a follower of Sanatan Dharma since thousands of years, have developed a culture which revolves around this religion.

One of the part of this culture is respect to Symbols and books. People follow this rule to the core of their life. Saraswati  Goddess of all form of education  in Hinduism has penetrated the life of Indians deeply. If an Indian will touch a paper from his foot then he will show respect to that book or Paper. In Indian culture respect is shown to food, money, elders and almost everything which is important to lead a better life.

In Indian constitution giving respect to sacred symbols and Indian Constitution is a law. If any one in India has insulted the sacred symbols of Indian Democracy then they can be booked under charges of sedition. Some how I have a sense that Indian’s and Indian media is too much sensitive about the symbolic respect which should be given to the sacred symbols and Constitution of India.

Aseem Trivedi has become a point of national issue when he was arrested under the charges of sedition. Aseem Trivedi cartoon is of what taste is indeed a matter of discussion and it should be left to people who are expert of that profession. Yesterday a section of media has shown a level of disgust towards these cartoon and behaved in such a pious way that they can’t even look or describe it. Its OK that it is their point of view but they don’t maintain same level of consistency when a person in Power is disrespecting this country through his Karma.

One of the Top Editor of Digital Media recently interviewed a “Politician who has called a migrants from a certain  state of India as Infiltrators”. The editor termed the Politician as Charismatic and Controversial. Why he was not disgusted by his comment?

One of the biggest question is why a cartoonist went to such a extent that he has drawn such cartoons? One obvious point which can be put forward is he is asking for attention but there are many other ways for a Cartoonist to get attention. A 24 year old kid is giving his most important years of his life to agitate against corruption.  Forget the disrespect or taste of the cartoon for sometime and intelligentsia and Political fraternity of this country should introspect what if the Cartoons of Aseem Trivedi is portraying the truth. If that is the case then we are in deep trouble.

Every citizen of India or government officials or the highest official role of PM which is bestowed by Indian’s to one person has a karmic duty towards the country, constitution and democracy of India. One of the biggest problem is there is a prevailing sense in the Politicians in India is they have the right to do any thing because they have been elected by the people. Politicians lobby from getting tickets for their kin to business gains. It is not a hidden fact and everyone knows it. The biggest problem we are facing today is the

One of the recent scam in which UPA Government is facing heat from opposition is one of the example is how nepotism and favoritism has penetrated the consciousness of our Politician. They defend it with full vigor  by saying that ” Any Kin of Policians has also right to do business”. If we will dig deep inside then we will certainly find extremely serious issue with the facts.

It is not a hidden fact for any one in India UPA is one of the most corrupt Government in India since independence. This Government and the People who are running it have also disrespected every institution of this democracy through their Karma. Not a single media person is disgusted over this issue. Why not the intelligentsia and media people in this country has shown the same level of contempt as they have show to the work of Aseem Trvedi. When Top Journalist and Editor cartel of this country was caught red handed in Radia Tape issue, every one played the game “You Scratch My Back, I Scratch Your Back”.

The rise of Dynasty Politics is a serious concern for the democracy country. There was a time when Rahul Gandhi was constantly describe as a Prince of Congress. We are not living in the ages of monarch when a Person is described as a Prince of a Political party. It is extremely dangerous and the intelligentsia of India  discuss the capabilities of the heirs of Political throne is more shameful than the cartoon of Aseem Trivedi.

In Mahabharata When Arjuna also suffered from the respect syndrome issue when he declined to fight against Kauravas. Then Krishna gave him lecture of Gita and Karam Yoga which enlightened him to fight against Kauravas. Our Media and intelligentsia is also suffering from respect syndrome but problem is Krishna is not hear to give any lecture.

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