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India’s worst Power failure news is focus point of Indian and International media

In last two days India has faced two major power failure and the latest one which happened today is considered as worst power failure of India. Indians have vented their angst on government on twitter, former power minster Sushil Sinde who quietly became the Home Minister of India and Manish Tewari especially.

Times of India the largest publishing house of India has a special coverage of the whole situation and termed it as “World’s biggest blackout: 67 crore Indians without power”.

Hindustan Times has a mild tone and has said “Power grids fail: 20 states affected, 600 million people suffer”.

The Hindu a Chennai based newspaper has again missed the opportunity to be the paper of India has a headline: “Powerless again: Northern and Eastern Grid fails again”

Danik Bhaskar  the leading Hindi news paper of India has said “Teen grid fail hone se desh mein sabse bada bijli sankat”

International media has given a lot of importance to this news.

Xinhua the Chinese government news agency has given a lot of importance to the latest blackout in India with a headline

“Power Outage in  India again”.

Indian power crisis is the headline of BBC with headline “Half of India left without power”.

CCN has said “India hit by second, even larger power outage”.

Washington post has tweeted

The Atlantic has said “Half of India Without Power after another blackout”


The Daily Beast has said made paower outage in India their most prominent news  ”680 million without power in India”


The New York Times most important news is “Half of India crippled by Second day Power failures”


During this power crisis SushiL Kumar Shinde who was power minister became Home Minister of India and Veerapa Moily is now leading the power ministry of India. No official reason has been provided by Government on the failure of three grids. When Power crisis has become the focus point of International media, Manish Tewari spokesperson of Congress has made an outrageously ridiculous comment on ABP news and has become a butt of jokes on Twitter. Earlier also Manish Tewari has made irresponsible comments.


We don’t know what to say about the comment of Manish Tewari. Some where his comment reflect the alienation of Government from public and the level of arrogance.

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