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MAMTA BANERJEE Checkmate to Congress, SP & BSP : She will win either way

No one in India should take the lady who has wiped Communist in India from their DEN ligtly. First time after 2011 massive mandate in West Bengal state election Mamta Banerjee has played the card perfectly in national Politics. Mamta Benerjee declaration of withdrawing support of Trinamool Congress to UPA 2 is a brilliant strategy. Her declaration is a vocal one more than an official one. It will be official on Friday when TMC ministers will be submitting the resignation on Friday.

The issue of contention between TMC and Congress is

1. Diesel price hike.

2. FDI in retail.

3. Allowing a ceiling of only 6 subsidized cylinder per family.

In last five days UPA 2 has  has announced big bang reforms policy. From declaring FDI in Aviation and Retail, Rs 5 hike in price of Diesel and a cap on subsidized LPG. Suddenly coalgate became a secondary issue in media and issue became the adverse effect of big bang economic reforms. Particularly Congress has indeed a magic wand for economic reforms because the money for these reforms will be payed by Middle class of India but Congress has not shown even the will to tackle corruption or bring back lakhs of crores black money stacked in foreign banks. Congress is impotent in tackling but back to back economic reforms which will appease big Retail chains of US and Europe.

UPA 2 was testing Trinamool Congress since the inception of Government and Mamta Banerjee was just not able to tackle Congress powerfully. Dinesh Trivedi Railway Minster and MP from Trinamool Congress presented a fair hike in budget which was opposed by his own party but received  full support from Congress. The whole incident caused a great deal of embarrassment for Mamta Banerjee especially when Dinesh Trivedi asked for a written communication from her on the issue of his resignation.

Mamta Banerjee has at last learnt on how to play the power games with Congress. This time she has played her cards after lots of thinking and assessing each and every point of view. She has not only ducked Congress this time with her pull out but Mulayam and Mayawati also.

Why Mamta Banerjee will win any case?

1. If congress is not going to negotiate with her till Friday then she can go out proudly as Common man party. She can go to people and say that we are not greedy for power and our concern for Common man of India is far greater than all the parties in UPA.

It is tough for Congress to negotiate because Finance Minister and Prime Minister have openly backed these decision with full support.

2. If Congress agreeing on her demands then she can again go back to people and claim herself as a savior of Common man of India.

3. If UPA 2 will survive on the outside support of  Mulayam and Mayawati then it is SP and BSP who has betrayed Common man of India not Mamta Banerjee. Mamta Banerjee has also left SP and BSP in an extremely tricky situation in which they have no other way out other than Mamta way.

There is one and single clear winner out of this political turbulence Mamta Banerjee and Trinamool Congress. Fall of UPA 2 will also be the rise of another national leader UPA 2.

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