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Michael Phelps: most decorated Olympian of all time

Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all time after winning his 19th Gold Medal.

In 2000 when Michael Phelps was 15 year in Sydney Olympics and many knew that a prodigy has arrived. Michael Phelps was swimming monarch of Athens and Beijing Olympic. He became the subject of study because of his performance in Athens and Beijing Olympics. Michael Phelps was considering retirement after Beijing but he found motivation to participate in London Olympics 2012. Michael Phelps a 27 year old monarch of Swimming world knew that his days are gone. Still in his last Olympic he has achieved a feat which will remain unbroken for a long time.

He has won 15 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 bronze.


It may be many critics will mark a question on him being greatest Olympian of all time but no one can deny that he has ruled Swimming circuit for a whole decade on every platform. The time he won his 19th medal, he became rage on Twitter.

Michael Phelps medal tally is more than medal tally of many country won in their history of participation in Olympic. President Barack Obama send congratulation to Michael Phelps through Twitter.

Michael Phelps himself reciprocated to the tweet of President

Some of the best images from top Twitter Search for Michael Phelps

London Times tweeted the Pic of their iPad edition on Michael Phelps


Richard Deitsch @richarddeitsc tweeted pic of the front page of The Guardian


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