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“MotaMaal” word coined by Sushma Swaraj for Congress a big hit on Twitter


Sushma Swaraj today coined a new word “Mota Maal” in a press conference in reference of kickbacks Congress party has received in Coalgate scam. She used the word “MotaMaal” specifically to tear down and rub the defense of Congress and her strategy has worked. If you will watch the video of Press conference, exactly between 26-28 min Shushma Swaraj has coined this new term for kickbacks.

[youtube width="500" height="300"]0mNc6Tg7F1k&[/youtube]

MotaMaal is certainly a hit on Twitter. Politics is a game in which no one is decent. First rule of Politics is “It is a dirty Game”. Even our  incorruptible PM Manmohan Singh is leading the most corrupt and scam tainted government in Indian history. Many in congress will call it as indecent word but Sushma Swaraj was coined two normal Hindi words which has no connection with indecency. Mota means Fat and Maal is normal parlance in business used for goods and she combined these two words with an emphasis which is hit.

The term in itself has not been specifically used against Congress on Twitter. MotaMaal has been used by Twitterizans in India to crack all sort of jokes. Sushma Swaraj MotaMaal has done the job more than she would have thought of.

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