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News which has impacted Indians on Twitter on 23 Sept 2013

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News which has impacted Indians on Twitter today

1. #Social Media- In NIC (National Integration Council) meeting the misuse of Social Media was a dominating issue as Prime Minister said ”Social media should not be used irresponsibly, it should not become a platform for those trying to cause trouble,”.

A fake video distributed by BJP MLA Sangeet Som is believed to be the cause of riots in Muzaffarnagar. It is believed that policing of Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter will increase much in coming times.

The apprehension of policing has caused a flutter among Indians on Twitter who criticized government for their failure to act and blaming Social Media.

2. P C #Chidambaram finance minister of India when attacked Narendra Modi PM candidate of BJP with his vicious comment ”Nothing can be further from the truth  I wonder why Shri Narendra Modi should stage a fake encounter with facts. Ultimately, facts will prevail,” It didn’t go well with BJP.

Yashwant Sinha was also trending because he retorted “Chidambaram is doing terrorism of facts” and soon after Ravishankar Prasad of BJP hold a press conference in which he attacked chidmbaram with reports of Government of India.

NDA and UPA economic performance has also become a part of discussion on Twitter.

3. Aadhar card was trending on Twitter for a very long time since morning because of Supreme court decision

“Aadhar cards are not mandatory even as various state governments insist on making it compulsory for a range of formalities, including marriage registration, disbursal of salaries and provident fund among other public services.  ”The Centre and state governments must not insist on Aadhar cards from citizens before providing them essential services.”

You can read: Aadhar Card: Ambitious Project of UPA not compulsory

4. #BBM4ALL was trending  today as BlackBerry was about to launch BBM on Android but pulled it back because of some glitches.

Our observation is today on Twitter Indians were engaging on three Political news that was

1.Prime Minister comments on social media in NIC meeting.

2. BJP and UPA war of words.

3. Supreme court of India declaring Aadhar Card as not compulsory in response of a PIL filled by a retired High Court judge.

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