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Pakistani Media an Evil: Should be kept out of Indian Borders

In mid of July Jalil Abbass Jilani Foreign secretary of Pakistan has made a strong pitch to Indian Government to allow Pakistani Channel in India. I could understand that Jalil Abbas Jilani think any one in India want’s to watch to the circus and low grade news and entertainment content which is produced by the media industry in Pakistan. I was surprise by the fact that Indian government has assured him that they will consider on the request.

As per The Express Tribune the case made by Pakistani delegation was “if India wants to burgeon people-to- people contacts, it must allow Pakistani channels into Indian homes”. Pakistan is a country where 98% of the population is following Islam and rest are minorities. Pakistani society has proved to be a complete failure in terms of tolerance for minorities community. Hindu community which was 22% in 1947 has significantly deceased to less than 2%. The condition of Christian minority is extremely bad. Abduction of Hindu girls and their forceful conversion has become a normal practice in Pakistan. Muslim community of Pakistan has completely ignored the plight of the minority communities. On regular basis Hindu families are migrating to India from Pakistan.

Pakistani intolerance and negative obsession with India and Hindus which is present in their society is clearly visible in their media also. There are extraordinary people in Pakistani Print and digital media whose analysis of any incident is extremely unbiased and they without any fear oppose involvement of religion in government and criticize the obsession of Pakistan with India. Media personality like Hassan Nissar, Nazam Sethi, Marvi Sirmed and Raza Rumani are present on the scene but the opposition these people face on screen is huge.

Pakistani media is extremely dangerous and poisonous for whole Indian society. If allowed Pakistani media has the capacity to radicalize the differences between the diverse religion setup in which majority is Hindus sharing same ethos with minorities like Jainism, Bhuddhism and Sikhism. The majority religion of minorities in India is Islam.

The subject of debates which normally happen in Pakistani news channel is inflammatory in nature. Zaid Hamid who is considered to be a defense analyst and has a constant presence  on international news channels like Al Zazeera is a fanatic. This show was aired on DAWN TV the digital front of most famous English news paper in Pakistan DAWN.


[youtube width="500" height="300"]ISUFo-cbmnw[/youtube]


Zaid Hamid is talking about capturing Delhi and killing all Brahmans and sparing untouchables. I have observed that Pakistani news media is a parasite which feeds on the negative emotions of Pakistani which has been carefully nurtured since last 65 years. There is a serious lack of intellect and content creation capabilities in Media industry of Pakistan. There is too much reference of history, religion and fake superiority complex is clearly visible. The points which Indian government should strictly consider  even considering the strong marketing pitch of Mr  Jilani

1. The presence of verbal hate against India and Hinduism is too loud in Pakistani media. That impression will certainly create a rift between Indian Hindu and Muslim who have somehow learned to maintain a cordial balance. Abduction and forceful conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan has become a trend in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has a blind eye for the Hindus in Pakistan. The case of Dr Lata and Rinkiee Kumari has attracted international media attention. The condition of Christian community is also pathetic. Minority community has no stake in Power. Muslim society has choose to play the role of goons against minority in Pakistan.

For Indian society direct exposure to such news is extremely poisonous and has the potential to create distance between different communities.

2. Indian Muslim community will also be in serious danger of getting fractured and divided because of severe difference between Muslim community in Pakistan. Ahmidya Muslims are not considered as a Muslim in Pakistan through constitution. Saudi Arabia is another country who doesn’t consider Ahmadiya as a Muslim. Terrorist attacks against the Ahmadiya community is constant. Similarly there is constant fight between Shia and Suni. Last week Tehelka did a story on  ”Ahmadiya Muslims” which features the heat of hatred which Ahmadiya Muslims have started facing in India. Pakistan Muslim community is fractured and deeply divided society.

Exposure to News of attacks, terror and killings in Muslim of Pakistan because of some faith issue is going to inflict Indian Muslim community.

3. Lack of discipline and Professionalism: The professional ethics of Pakistani media is at its nadir. Journalist are constantly breaking there lines in telling story. In journalism each story source has a vested interest and it is the job of the journalism to somehow bring out the truth. Pakistani media has developed a habit to get carried away by the vested interest.

When Daniel Pearl was kidnapped in Pakistan, Kamran Khan who was following the story revealed that Daniel Pearl was a Jew and Israeli citizen. I don’t think that Kamran Khan didn’t knew the fate of Daniel Pearl if his identity and nationality will be revealed. By revealing the identity of Daniel Pearl he delivered the death sentence for him. He has been singled out by Marianne pearl in her memoir “A Mighty Heart”. Kaamran Khan journalism lack serious ethical issue which costed a human being.

Pakistani media seriously lack integrity and people who are employed in that industry are so dumb and moron that they don’t even know how to hide it. In recent time Pakistani media has been hit by controversies of Plant interview. Serious unethical behavior on set is like a norm.

The latest blasphemy of Pakistani media has done is a show which was conducted by Controversial Maya Khan in which a Hindu boy was converted in Muslim. I don’t think that even Endemol would have ever thought of such concept. Maya khan almost a moron character was involved in controversy earlier also still she will keep on going.

Kashmir Isssue: One of the main job of Pakistani media is to keep the Kashmir issue alive in the mind of their audience and they do it. It is not in favor of Indian media to follow

There are beacons of light and truth in Pakistani media but the evil darkness of media is not even forgiving Pakistan as a country. Pakistani media is an evil which should be kept out of Indian borders for safety of the fragile balance of Indian society.

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