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Till 12 September Indian media and opposition was cornering  central government of India on the issue of  Corruption. It has become saying on Social media that UPA 2 is the most corrupt government since independence of India. Suddenly UPA government took the Viagra of instant economic performance and announced major economic reforms.

1. Diesel price was hiked by Rs 5.

2. FDI in aviation industry.

3. FDI in multi retail branding.

4. Cap on subsidized LPG Cylinders.

Viagra has always some fatal side effect and Mamta Banerjee withdrew support from UPA 2. Now a days UPA 2 is a minority government breathing on the outside support of SP and BSP. The impact of these reforms are  Indian corporate sector and their leader started praising PM Manmohan Singh and UPA in chorus. Stock Market started jumping and financial news channel were full of interviews promoting the reforms.  Digital media particularly having an alienation towards Congress party brought their mechanism in place to promote the reforms announced by government. The focus point of media moved away from Corruption and coalgate.

Mamta Banerjee Shouted Maa, Mati, Manush but  the enigmatic 2 M from Uttar Pradesh didn’t allowed the can of corruption UPA 2 to fall on the name of secularism and defeating communal powers. In the midst of all the loud noises of economic reforms, Mamat Banerjee support and prediction’s on the future of UPA 2 corruption became secondary issue.

Then came the real dose of PR campaign from UPA 2. PM Manmohan Singh addressed nation to downplay the charges being made by opposition and Mamta Banerjee. Any one who will critically dissect his speech will say that it is reflection of the arrogance from which Congress party is seriously suffering. I am saying arrogance because in his speech PM Manmohan Singh use a phrase ” Money doesn’t grow on Tree”. The phrase is a reflection of the unashamed arrogance towards the citizens who live on a daily income of Rs 32.

In his speech he reflected on reason which has forced government to enforce economic reforms which will put more burden on the common man of India. One of the Political logic which PM Manmohan Singh has put forward for the hike in diesel price is “Diesel is used by SUVs owner in India”. Why a rich person should get subsidized diesel. The logic was applauded by almost everyone in Digital Media political analyst. The applaud this logic received in Digital Media by Political analyst and editor is more disgusting.

He forgot to mention that diesel is used by all means of transport used as a carrier like trucks, buses on national and state level. Diesel is used by a farmer to irrigate his farms. The hike in diesel prices has a direct impact on food prices. Now the Dominic impact of the rise of the price of diesel has not been explained by PM. PM speech was a tepid economic explanation and offering no apology to the nation for all the scams and misgovernment which has happened in his leadership. Top editors of India was trying to measure the nature and impact of speech on nation.

Economy of a country needs better economic policy and more than that a  government which has the will to apply policy without corruption, nepotism and crony capitalism. FDI may bring the money but it will never bring the spirit to ensure the execution of policy. Our country is suffering from plagues like Corruption, Dynasty Politics, Crony Capitalism, Nepotism which has weaken all pillars of the concept or country which is known as India.

PM Manmohan Singh has never shown any willingness to curb corruption. Instead in case of A Raja and Suresh Kalmadi  PM did everything in his power to defend these two ministers. Why there is no Viagra UPA government is taking to improve their pathetic performance against tackling Corruption? UPA 2 has put the government in a danger by announcing these economic reforms. Why not UPA 2 has endangered their existence to tackle corruption? There is far more sinister happening inside Government than we have come to know.

The speech of  PM Manmohan Singh may have appeased the Corporate Sector because they receive massive tax benefit from government every year . It may have forced the Political analyst to debate on the rise of Political Manmohan of Economist Manmohan. Chitra Subramaniam has repudiated the speech writer of PM in an article in Newslaundary. In  reality PM speech was PR campaign to divert media and perception of Public from the main issue which India is facing today. You could have given much more to this country than what you have given MR Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The impeccable and infallible honesty which Kapil Sibbal has always vouched and sold it to the common man of India has betrayed this nation when you defended all the scams which happened in your leadership.  Atleast you could have offered an apology to the common poor man India who are living their life on a daily income of Rs 32.

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