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#PMChorHai is the top trend on Twitter: A Sad or Happy day for Indian Democracy


#PMChorHai is the top trend on Twitter and I am thinking How I should describe this day for Indian democracy? Sad or Happy.

Dr Manmohan Singh may show aggression in Rajya Sabha and asked BJP members to behave when faced scathing attack from opposition. One of the most important question I am thinking is that what happened in 10 years that the man Dr Manmohan Singh considered as the liberator of Indian economy  from every corner of Indian intelligentsia and Political parties has to face this situation.

Manmohan Singh replied “Have you ever heard of a situation in any parliament where the prime minister is not allowed to introduce his council of ministers.

“Have you ever heard of any other country where primary opposition walks to the well of the house and shouts ‘PM chor hai” (PM is thief).

BJP member’s have crossed the line by shouting PM chor hai (  PM is thief) on the floor of Rajya Sabha but what about the accountability which Dr Manmohan Singh should have shown in last nine and half years as PM of India. He has dodged from taking any responsibility for the utter corruption which happened under his leadership. The man who liberated Indian economy almost 20 years back as Finance minister of India is not ready to take any responsibility for the mess Indian economy is facing now.

The outgoing RBI Governor has blamed Government policies for the mess in which Rupee is in a story of Economic Times FM’s frustation misplace, wrong to blame QE for rupee’s ills: D Subbarao, RBI Governor.

It has been more than five years and there is a clear pattern of UPA top brass which is lead by Congress party. Don’t take any responsibility for any mess blame on outside factor. More than  200 files are misplaced in Coal Scam which are critical for investigation. Supreme Court has asked Government to find those files but from Coal Minister to Prime Minister no one is taking the responsibility of the lost files. It is important to note that only critical files are missing which could have helped to nail the accused.

Ah PM Dr Manmohan Singh response “I am not the custodians of Coal Ministry files”.

Who is the PM of of this country? Answer: Dr Manmohan Singh

Which party is leading UPA? Answer: Congress

UPAII  has been tagged has the most corrupt government India has ever seen. Corruption is happening, Nepotism and crony capitalism is prevalent, economy is in mess but who has caused it? Indeed Dr Manmohan Singh and Congress has not caused it. Some alien factor is responsible for the mess in which India is.

Why you are leading India? I am thinking since five years

Respected Dr Manmohan Singh it may be BJP has crossed the line by shouting #PMChorHai ( PM is thief) but they have opened the lid of Pandora box which will haunt you and Congress Party  for coming many years.

No doubt that it is a sad day for Indian democracy that #PMChorHai is trending top on Twitter in India. It is not sad because opposition party has said #PMChorHai but it is sad the situation of India and Indian economy is so grim and no one is taking any responsibility. Opposition has to play the role and they did it.

What about the Indians on Twitter. Why #PMChorHai is trending on top. Why this phrase has such support on Twitter? Any Congress party member and Congress party inclined media will blame on BJP tolls on Twitter. Truth has always been bitter. The bitter truth is PM has lost all the respect which he commanded once.

While writing this post I have reached the conclusion that it is both Sad and Happy day for Indian democracy. What is your conclusion?

Some of the interesting picture which is shared on Twitter

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