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PROMETHEUS: review from Twitter User’s




Every thing about Prometheus before release was larger than life and philosophical. The name Prometheus is itself based on the mythological character who was considered as the champions of Human in the world of Gods. Prometheus has been able to deliver on the expectations movie trailer’s and PR has raised.

Prometheus, the brain child of Ridley Scott who delivered sci-fi Alien and Blade Runner. Prometheus is movie which was said to be a prequel of Alien. The buzz around the movie was ” Who Made Us?” and the question itself is good enough to go watch the movie. I have also watched Prometheus still I think what Twitter users think about Prometheus will allow me to have a far better idea about Prometheus.

The response over movie is certainly divided in to three parameters.

1. There is a set of audience who have found the worst, awkward, confused or literally didn’t liked it. Some Twitter’s user’s have used word disappointed by Prometheus. We have observe that hate word for Prometheus has been consistently used on Twitter. Hate is a very strong word and we have normally seen that if people have not liked a Movie they will say any thing but “HATE” word is rare. Somewhere the use of these word’s indicate toward’s


” The answer which audience where looking from Prometheus are not fulfilled their expectation. The answer they have has either disappointed them or hit them so hard that they have hated the concept of movie”.

The number of the audience in the above set are not more still their reaction after watching the movie is like a concentrated acid.

2. The second set of response which we have observed is the people who have no idea that they have liked it or not but they are refereeing other people to watch it or watching Prometheus has left them with a void for their description of the movie.

3. Third response which we have observed is the audience who have loved this movie. The audience who have tweeted from this category have loved movie with rational thoughts and some have love with full heart. They are in awe of the movie.


If you love philosophical question’s like “who made us?”  then go and watch Prometheus. The movie is an extraordinary example of visualization and technology applied in the movie. We warn you from our side that the movie has answered the question without any explanation.


Videathink point of view: Prometheus is a movie which is dealing with a question which is hammering the mind of Human Beings since ages. Who made us? I have also watched Prometheus and it is a movie which is brilliantly messed the plot and script so that one question “Who made us?” answer the question but it leaves the audience with far more creative confusion, question’s and imagination which will be the base of a sequel of Prometheus.



One thing which I find amusing is the unprofessional behavior of the crew members either outside of Spaceship or inside. Every thing which crew members where doing was a mess.

I think the movie was made in such a way that there will be a sequel to this concept. This is the main reason I can assume and answer at-least to  my self that a director Of Ridley Scoot will allow to happen in the movie because they have to make a sequel of Prometheus. Financially feasible decision and if there is no sequel of Prometheus then Bachelor Vince is absolutely right.

“Damon Lindelof is certainly not a very good writer”.

Some where I think that Prometheus is an unsettling experience for people at their core. Even Prometheus is a movie, it still affects and question the audience at their deepest psychological or philosophical views without answering any of them.

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