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Rafael Correa Can turn in to Protector of Democracy in the world: Hasta la victoria siempre!



The point which makes democracy engaging is not voting power of People but the flow of information in the society which is true and not manipulated. Last century saw the rise of Democracy in the world and downfall of imperialism. One of the basic question which still Political analyst remain’s to answer that ” Democracy has been truly realized in the world or not”. My point of view is No and many Political Analyst will agree with me.

Since the rise of Democracy, World Government’s has done every thing in their power to curb democracy. The state of democracy is in so pitiful state that it has been degraded only to “voting power of an individual in a Government” and except vote that all the tenants of Democracy is being manipulated. Secrecy and manipulation of information by Media is one of the most important tool Government’s have used to curb democracy.

Julian Assange founder of wikileaks.org clearly brought the process of functioning of Governments, Power structure, corruption, State of war, Media and real state of democracy in open discussion forum. His contribution to seven billion people in the world is underestimated at present but in long term I am sure that “He will be remembered in the league of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandella and Martin Luther King” because ha has dared and exposed the truth.

There are different views about the charges of rape against Julian Assange in Sweden. It is very strange that Sex or Financial corruption is one  the basic tool which is used to frame any one who is not aligned with Power structure of world.

Rafael Correa who is the president of Ecuador is standing at a historical juncture in his life where his decision will change the course of Democracy in coming years. No doubt that Rafael Correa is the last chance of Julian Assnage to avoid extradition to Sweden and if Ecuador will deny his request we are going to see the fall of the man who stood for  seven billion people around the world. Giving political asylum to Julian Assange is not an easy task for Ecuador. Rafael Correa is the man who can stand between world powers and Julian Assange. The fate of the person who stood by the side of seven billion person depend’s on the president of Ecuador.

Following Lines taken From Rafael Correa section on  wikipedia

Socialism will continue. The Ecuadorian people voted for that. We are going to emphasize this fight for social justice, for regional justice. We are going to continue the fight to eliminate all forms of workplace exploitation within our socialist conviction: the supremacy of human work over capital. Nobody is in any doubt that our preferential option is for the poorest people, we are here because of them. Hasta la victoria siempre! (Until the eternal victory)

He has taken on US, IMF, Media and Media person’s  to improve the social condition in his country. He has already aligned himself against the power structure’s of world. One of the basic question he must be thinking what will be the onus of giving Political asylum to Julian Assange.

We hope Rafael Correa will not disappoint Seven billion people in the world:  Hasta la victoria siempre!

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