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Raj Thackeray again lost the Positive momentum

In a matter of ten days Raj Thackeray made two moves in Maharashtra political circle which has forced me to think and rethink about a Political Personality. On 11th of August a protest was organized by two Muslim organization at Azaad Maidan against the atrocities happening against Muslim in Myanmar and Assam. The protest went on to be violent. What actually conspired at Azaad Maidan which transformed a peaceful protest in to to a violent mob no one knows. In that riot two people died and more than 45 police man were injured. Media and Politicians both have discussed about the incident but no one has really pin pointed on the reason of violence which has happened at Azaad Maidan.

Vote Politics and communal color is one of the main reason that media also refrained from digging the facts. In reality Media avoided to dig the facts with the force which was required. The Political parties in Maharashtra didn’t opposed the incident and criticized the government. Government approach was extremely cautious and lazy in arresting the culprits.

There was a certainly a lack of Political will after the incident to catch the culprit because all of them belong to Islam and most important festival of Islam Eid was on 19th Aug. The politics of appeasement to one particular minority has penetrated the psyche of Politicians so deep that it has already fractured our law and order mechanism.

The Political vacuum which has been created after 11th August violence was  fulfilled by Raj Thackeray. It was an brilliant Poitical move in which  meta morphed himself from the cocoon of hate politics to inclusive Politics. His Political outfit MNS carried a peaceful rally of around one lakh from Girgaon chaupati to Azaad Maidan on 21 August against the Mumbai violence and to support the  . He addressed a massive crowd and received thunder response. Media was scrutinizing every move of Raj Thackeray on that day. He emerged as a leader in the eyes of liberal like Shobha Dey. Indian media praised him for his mature political move and on Twitter specially Raj Thackeray received support from all over the country. The rally carried out by Raj Thackeray was like a coup against Government and all Political parties

In his speech he criticized Mumbai Police commissioner Arup Patnaik and Maharashtra Home Minister R R Patil. Under pressure State Government removed Arup Patnaik from office by prompting him.

After ten days truth struck reality that Congress is mother of all divisive Politics is India and in reality Raj Thackeray is still the same Politicians believing in hate Politics. Maharashtra Police arrested one of the absconder who sabotaged Amar Jawan Jyoti from Bihar without informing local police. Certainly the action of Maharashtra Police action is justified in this case in which enormous pressure on them to arrest absconder but the action of Maharashtra Police certainly has Put Bihar police in dock that “They  may have prevented the arrested by leaking the information” in such a sensitive case so protest from Bihar was imminent.

The most important aspect is leaking of a particular letter to Raj Thackeray and his reaction on that letter. Leaking of letter and Raj Thackeray reaction complete the whole story of the Political coup orchestrated by Raj Thackeray.

The whole story is indeed written by Congress- NCP Government. First state government allowed a protest to happen in which they have intelligence of pre planned violence on that day. Police was soft on rioters on that day. They were allowed to made their statement infront of Police. In presence of intelligence Police was not prepared enough to tackle the mob. Raj Thackeray and MNS is creation of Congress-NCP to contain BJP and Shiv Sena. Raj Thackeray was allowed to carry a major rally to fill the Political void.

Media reaction must have surprised Congress and NCP on Raj Rally. It was extremely important for Congress to bring back Raj Thackeray from his elevated status of Political Stature and they did it without any difficult. A letter was enough for Raj Thackeray to react against Bihari people living in Maharashtra. Hindi channel provided aggressive coverage to hate speech and then Raj Thackeray reacted against Hindi Channel. He went on to threaten Hindi Channels that he will not allow the in Maharashtra. He became victim of his own reaction and indeed Congress-NCP.I will not go in to What he said but certainly he did exactly what Congress wanted. From exclusive Politics to hate speech in less ten days.

What  gained by labeling Biharis as infiltrators. We need to look at it closely.

1. Ten days back Indian Media was ready to take him as a leader who has come out of the shadow of Bal Thackeray, Congress- NCP. He lost the platform which was ready for him to move ahead in to the arena of Exclusive politics.

2. Liberals who were praising him for his metamorphosis must be hitting their head for their foolishness.

3. Media English and Hindi both is against him.

4. Political Parties from all front has condemned him except Shiv Sena.

5. He himself demolished the edifice just because of a letter.

I don’t think that Raj Thackeray  has emerged from the shadow of Congress, NCP. More important is the way he has thrown the brilliant opportunity he has built for himself reflects that he is not ready to move ahead. Raj Thackeray is a victim and pawn of the divisive politics of Congress. Congress is also the main culprit for any atrocities ever happened against Non Maharstrian in Maharashtra . Hope some day he will emerge but hope is itself a hopeless word.

Please watch the videos of rioters and have a view about the whole incident on that day.

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[youtube width="500" height="300"]UFEH6g9SDYc[/youtube]

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