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Reaction on Twitter about Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri


Miss New York Nina Davuluri became the latest sensation of America by winning Miss America crown. She is the first women of Indian descent to win the tittle of Miss America. Her coronation as Miss America has caused many racist tweets to flow.

Nina also good at studies. In past she has won several Scholastic Honors like, Dean’s List; Michigan Merit Award and National Honor Society Award. Nina attended University of Michigan and graduated with a degree in Brain Behaviour and Cognitive Science. Nina daughter of Telgu parents who migrated to Missouri in 1981. Her family is predominantly works in medical fraternity.

A strong  reaction came from people on Twitter about an Indian winning the Tittle. The reaction can be described as racist in nature.

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If she has faced the abuse on Twitter  the we should not ignore the fact that majority of people on Twitter supported and congrats her for her achievement. The best part of American society is any form of abuse against a human being at-least in America will be opposed by society with full fierceness. On Twitter if hundreds has attacked Nina then thousands stood with her and returned the flak to abusers.

An American women of Indian descent becoming Miss America is like a redefinition of beauty in America. America is a great society with great respect for the achievement of people and handwork. This is called American Dream and people from every part of world are realizing their dream and inspiring every one in the society to realize theirs.
An interesting article by Firstpost “Miss America Nina Davuluri: Too Indian to ever be miss India”. The article is not entirely correct but it also show partial truth which is the obsession of Indian society with fairer skin. Last year a marketing campaign was launched on the “Dark is Beautiful” supported by major media outlets like NDTV, TOI and The Hindu. There is no model society to live. We have to make and fight daily for the model society in real and virtual world.
Videathink also congratulates Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri on her tremendous achievement.
What is your point of view on Nina Davuluri achievement and the flak she has to receive because she is of Indian descent.
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