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Mr Robert Vadra You are right !


Mr Robert Vadra name which is doing the rounds of all Media Channels in India after the serious allegation made by Arvind Kejriwal the poster boy of India Against Corruption. There is no doubt that Arvind Kejriwal is playing brilliant Politics but who made Arvind Kejriwal a Politician. Answer is Congress.

Delhi state election is going to happen in Nov 2013 and Arvind Kejriwal will start the Political career of his party from Delhi and he is preparing the platform. In his first strategic attack on Congress he has attacked congress to the most vulnerable point and the reaction from congress was amazing. Top brass of minister from central government came in defense of Mr Robert Vadra was extraordinary and media person observed this pattern carefully. Mr Robert Vadra is Son In Law of Sonia Gandhi who is chairperson of UPA and head of Congress party. The allegation which Arvind Kejriwal made against Robert Vadra is Mr Robert Vadra invested Rs 50 Lakh in his foray in to real estate and in another three years his investment  turned out to be golden duck having a value of Rs 300 crores.

The angel investor of Silicon Valley and Wall Street should have a class from the financial wizard Mr Robert Vadra but the truth is no one is interested in taking any tips from him. The business model of Mr Robert Vadra companies defies all the rules of business model. There is no product, services, construction and value is being produced by his companies still his investment of  Rs 50 Lakh has transformed in just few years in to billions.

There is only one question which is needed to answer “What DLF received from the equations they have with Mr Vadra for all the favoritism this public listed companies has shown to an individual ”. Loans on the basis of Friendship or Trust is not offered without any benefits. There should be tangible physical benefits DLF should receive from their friendship or trust they have shown to Mr Vadra.

The reaction on Twitter on the hashtag of #robertvadra and #vadra has also been very interesting. The reaction in 140 words also spills the fact that every one knows the truth.

Robert Vadra posted a comment on his Facebook account Mango People in Banana Republic. Mr Vadra You are right that India is a banana republic in which your 50 Lakhs investment turn in to Rs 300 cr. In any other country it would have never happened. So full point to you for recognizing very early that India is a banana Republic but you are absolutely wrong on the Point about mango people.

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