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Shame Congress Shame: Aseem Trivedi arrested for telling truth

The above cartoon made by Aseem Trivedi has caused such a distress for Congress Government in Center and Maharashtra that he has been arrested on following charges.

1. Sedition under Section 124 A of the Indian Penal Code a non bailable offence.

2. Charged under the IT Act and the 1971 National Emblem Act.

The whole development is a unique one and one the most grievous attempt to curb freedom of speech. I would like to point out some of the incident which has happened in recent times.

1. M F  Hussain one of the most celebrated painter from India painted nude picture of Indian Goddess the sentiments of Hindu religion didn’t get hurt. I defend his right to paint anything but  I am in extreme doubt that if a Hindu or Muslim Painter would have painted Allah or Muhammad sex life then he would have spared. Either he would have been killed by Muslim fanatics or Government of India would have put that person in jail because Muslims votes matters.

2. An intellectual whose name is Arundhati Roy always say that Kashmir should be granted freedom. No sedition charges. Indian government avoid it because it may have made Arundhati Roy a hero on international forum.

3. In 2008 on 26 Nov Mumbai Attack happened and for three days India financial capital was ceased by Pakistan sponsored terrorist. In less than four years India has signed a Visa agreement with Pakistan which will ease visa process. I think that this whole agreement will lead us towards now Pakistan can send legal Kasab and Fanatic Mullah in this country to spread fanaticism and terror.

Not a single terrorist Pakistan have handled to India and it will never happen.
There is no meaning of the life of all the people who have died in last ten years in all the Pakistan sponsored  bomb blast. If India is thinking that by ppeneterating Pakistani economy to that level that Pakistani Government and Society could not afford a war with India then it is their biggest mistake.
India and Pakistan relationship is not like what France and Germany has.
Recently a Proffessor from Jhadavpur University in West Bengal was arrested because he has made some cartoons against Mamta Banerjee CM of West Bengal. It appears that Indian Government principle party which is ruling in Maharashtra also has been infected by Mamta Banerjee bug.
The man who desecrated Amar Jawan memorial will be booked under the charges of sedition or not. Vote politics as it will hurt the sentiments of Muslim. Indian government is extremely specific in picking the cases.
The cartoon is one year old and certainly there are some serious ill motive of Indian Government in arresting Aseem Trivedi under the charges of Sedition. It is ridiculous that some one who is acting under all sanity to defend the Indian constitution and India is treated under the charges of Sedition.
Aseem Trivedi is taking on the political system in India with utmost sarcasm. Indian Government should have asked that an Indian of any caste, creed and religion in India feel about these cartoons. They will say that it is truth and it reflects the hope less situation of India. It is a defense less case but how government will defend.
The Government  of India will defend it on the name of the sacredness of Parliament of India, Constitution Of India and National Emblem of India.  Aseem Trivedi  strategy in his cartoon was simple that how Indian Political system of India has downgraded the purity and importance of these symbols.
Have a look on soom of his cartoons.
The strategy of Aseem Trivedi has been simple. Attack the consciousness of Political persons and show them their real face. Are we moving towards second emergency? If Aseem Trivedi has done anything against the interest of India then every patriotic Indian should be charged with sedition.
 Aseem Trivedi is trending on Twitter which is one the most important platform to have an idea that what majority think on an issue. The mood reflect one thing that Indian Government is in dock.
What is the difference between the majority views and a Congress Person views on this issue will make the whole case clear. Sanjay Jha who is founder of hamaracongress.com website has tweeted on Twitter.

We are living in difficult time and Indian’s really need to come forward and fight the injustice of this government.

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  1. Ajay says:

    i support trivedi but not
    hussein is a thug he is doing his paintings for fun and insulting india and causing religious hatred all for his paintings. trivedi cartoon is about fighting against corruption i support him.

  2. Asif Damda says:

    Aseem’s cartoons are in very bad taste ,in fact they are shit.You cant hide behind’freedom of expression’ to insult cherished national emblems/symbols.And why the muslim bashing in the article ??

    • They are in bad taste or Good taste that is different point of conversation. Each MP and MLA takes a vow, PM takes a VOW before joining these prestigious institution and how many of them you think has maintained there vow. We as an Indian beleive to much in Symbolic respect but respect through action none. 32.67% of Indian People living below BP /sdfgh;’

  3. Vinod Kumar says:

    Is government starting any new procedure to change our National Emblem soon….!

  4. Dilip says:

    Indian gov is run by Dictator not by democracy(pahle to chor the ab daku ho gaye )

  5. tahir ahmed says:

    Who ever do the sedition either of any religion or any caste they should not be spared.people have freedom of speach but can not make mokery of our constitution and our national symbol.
    Because this freedom of sedition will lead to voilence and will bring hatered in the society.

  6. Muruganand says:

    Its all about our bad politicians. Which he did is correct cos still our citizens are sleeping without knowing anything.

  7. vib says:

    Love you aseem…I stay overseas but would like to be a part of your campaign… please make some cartoons on getting a unified civil law in india…I want India to have unified civil law…you have full support from young Indians…

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