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Top Gun director: Tony Scott Committed sucide

Tony Scott known world wide for his thriller movies like Top Gun, Enemy Of State and Unstoppable has committed suicide by jumping from Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles. He was younger brother of critically acclaimed director Ridley Scott.

Tony Scott was an English film director born in North Shields. Top Gun was the movie which pushed him in to top directors  in Hollywood. Since  his tragic death news has disseminated on Internet Tony Scott, Top Gun is trending and on Twitter and his fans has poured Twitter with obituary messages.

Top Gun is also trending on Twitter.

True Romance is also trending on Twitter.

Tony Scott was 68 year old and survived by his wife  Donna Wilson Scott, and their twin sons, Frank and Max. As per witness he didn’t hesitate before jumping.  Some of the best scene from his movies.

True Romance:

[youtube width="500" height="300"]6gOr7972B7U[/youtube]



Top Gun

[youtube width="500" height="300"]58QOBqAWNzE[/youtube]


From thousands of tweets we have seen it may be ha has never won academy but he has certainly made movies which has won hearts.

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